#ANSWERED Favorite Burger in Town

#ANSWERED Favorite Burger in Town

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today is National Burger Day ?

It’s hard to think of a more American food than the cheeseburger. Plus with burgers, the possibilities are endless, and you don’t even need to use a fork to eat it. A good burger is meaty, satisfyingly greasy, and overloaded with cheese. If you ask me, every day should be National Burger Day. Oh, and May is National Burger Month!

In honor of this great day, earlier this week we asked YOU on Facebook, Instagram, and in our newsletter to #TELLUS where in town you get your favorite burger.  Let me tell you, you all are passionate about your burgers – and there are a lot of burger options here in Sweetwater County.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]

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According to YOU, here are the best burger spots ⬇️

⚠️ Warning: You’ll probably want a burger after reading these answers.


  • Remedies has the best burgers ? in Rock Springs, hands down. But Broadway is a close 2nd.” -Heather J.
  • Burgers Inc… Celiac friendly buns!” -@cjcundall
  • Chill Grill -RS, Brewery – GR” -Dave W.
  • Broadway Burgers – Bacon Ranch Cheese Burger ?” -Robert B.
  • “The one I make on my grill.” -Sarah J.
  • Gudino’s! The best Double Bacon Cheese Burger ? Yum!” -Suzi M.
  • Grubs has the best burgers around” -Van H.
  • “Definitely Remedies best still in town.” -James K.
  • “Teriyaki burger from Broadway-Hollie M.
  • “Hands down Remedies! Broadway and Renegade are the next best.” -Josh P.
  • Broadway!!!! If you go to GR Stacie Ann’s has excellent burgers!” -Celia G.
  • Gudino’s easily, chill grill is a close second” -Todd S.
  • Marty’s monster burger ?” -Ray R.
  • “So many tough choices!! But, I gotta go with the All Choked Up at Bitter Creek Brewing. So hard not to pick Remedies though. Now, if In-N-Out was around, we wouldn’t even need to discuss things.” -Paul F.
  • “Buffalo bacon cheeseburger from Hitching Post Inn with the best fries in the county!” -Beverly M.
  • REMEDIES ?” -@kolword_
  • “All wrong! Try Denny’s by far! If you don’t believe me, go try it then tell me I’m wrong.” -Ric S.
  • Broadway burgers. Leader of the pack.” -Robert B. 
  • “For me it’s Denny’s or Chill Grill also Renegade has a good bacon cheeseburger!!” -Robyn K.
  • Chill Grill, for sure!!” -Erica E.
  • Remedies. Duh.” -Steven P.
  • Bi Rite ? yuummm.” -Crystal E.

There ya have it! Sweetwater County is NOT lacking burger quality or choices. If you haven’t decided what’s for dinner tonight, go out, support our local restaurants, and celebrate NATIONAL BURGER DAY!


Thanks for answering, everyone!