#ANSWERED Favorite Burrito in Town

#ANSWERED Favorite Burrito in Town

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today is National Burrito Day ?

Let’s just talk about how amazing burritos actually are – they are basically all your favorite food wrapped in a glorious carby blanket. Personally, I haven’t met a burrito I didn’t like. It’s no wonder burritos have their own day.

We asked YOU on Facebook, Instagram, and in our newsletter to #TELLUS where in town you get your favorite burrito. We quickly found out, you guys don’t mess around when it comes to burritos.[/vc_column_text][vc_separator][vc_column_text]

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Here are some of your primo burrito choices?

⚠️ Warning: If you aren’t hungry now, you will be after reading these answers.

  • GR coffee has an awesome green chili breakfast burrito ???” -Russ H.
  • “The California burrito at Casa Chavez.” -Amanda B.
  • “We had Santa Fe breakfast burritos and let me just say, we burritoed pretty hard. ??” -@breezycukale
  • “Chicken! Pintos! Guac on the side, please! Don’t forget the fresh shredded lettuce” -Diane M.
  • “It’s always the breakfast burritos at the C-Store.” -Kelly S.
  • Cinco De Mayo. RS hidden gem.” – Kira L.
  • Panchos…. all of them.” – Gabriela B.
  • MY WIFE’S….” – John W.
  • Cafe Rio, sweet pork barbacoa!” -@janalynns73
  • TacoTime Crisp Chicken Burrito.” -@dstaley81
  • “Green chili burritos from the C-Store.” -Stephanie L.
  • Outlaw three meat breakfast burrito with green chili!” -Casey P.
  • Mi Casita! Bean & Cheese with green sauce!!!” -Heather G.
  • McDonalds breakfast burrito.” -@zyler_d
  • “Pretty much anything to come from the C-Store in Rock Springs!” -John M.
  • “Hands down Santa Fe breakfast burrito with hot chili or white gravy. ?????” -Kennie J.
  • Fiesta Guadalajara.” -@kristinna.f
  • “Breakfast burritos from Get Real Coffee in GR!” -Brandi O.
  • C-Store! I let them pick my burrito and all of them have been awesome!” -@archeology_queen
  • Santa Fe fajita burrito. ?” -@krown_37
  • Panchos mix breakfast burrito. Or sweet and spicy pork burrito from Cafe Rio!” -Stephanie G.
  • C-Store asada burrito in the back.” -Larry R.

There is no doubt that locally, we are not lacking options or quality when it comes to burritos. So go out and get your favorite and celebrate National Burrito Day. ?


Thanks for answering, everyone! 


⚠️ Check out our #Local Restaurant resources page HERE – to see if you can get your favorite burrito using delivery, curbside, or drive-thru services!