[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Wednesday marked the official FIRST DAY OF SPRING – which means it’s time for some spring-cleaning, and warmer weather (we hope?).

In honor of winter slowly leaving us, we asked you to #TELLUS some of your spring-cleaning TIPS/RITUALS.

Here’s what you said:

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  • “Dust off our ‘To Be Read’ pile.” -Sweetwater County Library System
  • “I haven’t learned that part of ‘adulting’ yet. ?‍♀️” -Tori T.
  • “Throw it all away.” -@tkdmomkenosha
  • “I hire Reflections Cleaning and go have a massage while they do it!” -Barbara S.
  • “Try to finish removing the snowdrifts around my house. ???” -Janice J.
  • “Although we don’t necessarily do everything at once in the spring, here is a list of tasks we spread over spring and summer: wash comforters and blankets, clean windows inside and out, spray-wash indoor silk plants & flowers, wash curtains, wash walls, wipe out kitchen cupboards, clean freezer, power wash outside of house, clean garage.” -Tammie O.

Happy cleaning everyone!