#ANSWERED: Tell Us Something Normal


With all that’s been going on the past few weeks, it’s been tough to maintain a sense of normalcy.

It’s nice to slow down and focus on the things that ground us though.

So, we asked you, “What’s something normal about your day today?”


As dental offices have been asked to treat only emergencies and no elective treatment during this crazy time, I was able to help some people who were in pain today:) what an adjustment to all of our regular schedules and lives! -Dr. Bryant P. Birch

Homemade rolls for dinner! It has been a long time since I have had time to make them for dinner. Usually only for family get togethers! -Tracy Carter Nelson

Sat at my sewing machine and finished a project. –Sandy Johnson 

Took this little sassafras (meaning totally sassy!) dog for the 4 walkies she demanded today πŸ€—- & now she’s tuckered out! –Bonnie Smith Cannon 

Cleaning the house then watching the movie with kids. –Amor de la Riva 

Read, picked up craft wood for painting, shopped for necessities only, and did laundry! Then made a new casserole for dinner! Extraordinarily ordinary‼️ –Lezlie Doan Krysl 

I read a devotional from a Bible app, I still went to work, cooked an awesomely delicious dinner, drank a few Rolling Rocks and watched some tv. –Tiffany Siler 

Played a little ball in the backyard with my son and we’re having taco salad for dinner πŸ™‚ –Darin Anderson 

 I made some amazing cookies and shared them with my neighbors . –Judith Killion 

Worked a normal Friday and then came home and did some laundry and now enjoying BLT’s that the hubby made!! –Sheree Weathermon Sains

The kids argued πŸ˜‰ Now they’re playing out back with the dogs though. –Heather Robinson 

We grabbed Arctic circle and had a picnic in the living room. –Amy Bradfield Cox 

Cleaned house and made enchiladas for dinner! πŸ’• –EricDez Torrez 

I tracked and fretted about the return of Cass, Katie, Jax, Sloane from Mexico….they are thankfully stateside now…..and Kelsey and Kenderick stopped by for for some social instancing and beverage. –Reid West

Watched last nights episode of Greys, drank lots of coffee. –Amber Gold Randall

Worked, washed my hands twenty times, then, came home and gave myself a pep talk. πŸ˜† –Cyndi McCullers 

Picked up our truck from the shop and did curbside service at Coal Train Coffee and Marty’s to grab soup and dinner. –Tammie Orr 

Shoveled the sidewalk, drank coffee, did my nails. –Carol Poulos

Worked on a jean quilt, cutting lots of blocks. –Brenda Roosa

Ate dinner with my little family and watched one of our shows. ❀️ –Beverly Cox

Worked my normal 10 hour day, now I’m soaking in the tub to hopefully get rid of this headache. –Shenna Johnston-Burch 

Broke up a fight between my 3 youngest and kept my 4 year old from finishing the hair cut she started last night. –Melissa Hungerford Moffat 

I was visited by my son on my lunch today !! I was soooooooo excited! –Pam Sweets

I made chili and sang along to James Taylor. –Wendie West

Me and my son both had the day off got to hang out with him priceless. πŸ˜€ –Gabby Mata

Watched the birds and enjoyed coffee’ even loved on my cat. –Laurie Davis

Finished staining the cabinets in my rental home, and painted the new bedroom ceiling. –Thor Stephenson Jr.

Took my dogs for a walk in the desert and vacuumed my house. –Mary Johnson

Everything in my end is pretty much normal other than some of the stuff at the store isn’t avail either. –Tanner Downs 

Played card games with my grandson and watched some TV. –Rosie Sharp Hughes

Cleaned bathrooms and took a pizza to a family. –Rhonda Lancaster 

I got home from work and cracked a cold beer. πŸΊ –Irish Kreis 

Hubby came home from work and watched a cheesy kung-Fu movie. –Spring Jones 

Granddad wore gloves to pick up our mail at the post office and stopped to get Friday soup from the drive thru at the Senior Center. We enjoyed our cheeseburger soup while we watched Friday night TV. A normal day for us except it was windy. –Doris Lee

Had my daughter clean/bag up the fallen pinecones all over the sloppy, wet front yard with both of us using walkie talkies for fun. Just ordered some whiskey quesadillas from Santa Fe too. πŸ˜‹ –Amy Crowell

Grabbed some drinks at Hooligans and took the dogs for a walk. Beautiful day! –Joanne Zotti

Took all four dogs for a nice walk with my daughter, sister , and two nieces and decorated my daughter’s sensory room into a glamorous hang out for all three of the girls. –Shamra Marie Zancanella

Played 5 Minute Dungeon, a board game I picked up from Desert Keep Games, with my son and Lego Harry Potter on the switch. –Liz Desmond 

Things may look a little different, but daily life will resume. Until then, take care of yourself, take care of each other, and keep focusing on the bits of your day that just feel right.

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