#ANSWERED What Is One Local Food Or Dish You Can’t Resist?

#ANSWERED What Is One Local Food Or Dish You Can’t Resist?

Hey guys and gals! So far this year we’ve asked you about your favorite local burger and favorite local burger, and we thought it’d be fun to open up the question to ALL FOOD in Sweetwater County.

Last Friday, we asked YOU on FacebookInstagram, and in our newsletter to #TELLUS what is one local food or dish you have zero willpower to resist?

Of course, we know how difficult it can be to choose just ONE food or dish. My hope is, next time you and your friend or significant other can’t decide where to eat you can refer back to these answers for some full-proof suggestions.

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I’m all about solving first-world problems ?

Here are 25 of the top suggestions ?

  • Sweetwater Smoke, people. Best place I’ve eaten at this entire year, hands down.” -Sarah J.
  • Cafe Rio, sweet pork burritos!! Yum!” -Anneka S.
  • JoGee’s quinoa southwest with chicken and feta cheese. Absolutely delicious.” -Sharrie P.
  • “Crispmeat burrito at Taco Time.-Jessica B.
  • “Molcajete from Los Primos and the pork chops at Eve’s.-Andy R.
  • Sapporo’s jalapenos bombs and their calamari and that yum yum sauce.” -Andrea L.
  • “Chili meat from the Renegade.-Vern S.
  • Sands style egg rolls!” -Amy Romero-Griffin
  • “Can’t decide between the chicken fried steak sandwich at Marty’s or the amazing salsa at Los Cabos.? -Krystal D.
  • “Ralph’s Tostada (spicy) from Santa Fe.-Andrew T.
  • “The Green River roll at Chopstix.-Lynn M.
  • Old Chicago Italian Grinder or Tuscan Chicken pizza.” -Michelle L.
  • Ponchos in Rock Springs is awesome!!! Everything is good!!” -Crishnia H.
  • “I can’t pick just one! Breakfast Bagel from Coal Train Coffee. Chicken Carbonara Crepe from Cowboy Crepes. Adult Mac and Cheese at Buckin’ Coffee.-Kelly F.
  • “Crispy chicken salad at Guidnos in Green River.” -Katie O.
  • Hungry Buddah Food Truck hands-down – best food ever.” -Janette S.
  • Cowboy Donuts.-Irish K.
  • White Mountain Mining Co. hands-down. Prime rib, the appetizers, and the friendly family-like service from Teri Shepard can’t be beat in my opinion.” -Katieann V.
  • “Fries from Burgers Inc.-Heather R.
  • Grubs shamrock ☘️” -Dave W.
  • Hungry Buddha egg rolls, Cowboy Donuts bavarian.” -BreAnn A.
  • Santa Fe breakfast burrito with white gravy on top.???” -Kennie J.
  • Coyote Creek’s prime rib.❤️” -Bethany M.
  • “Breaded halibut in Friday’s at the Outlaw Inn.-Michelle G.
  • “The chicken wings at Marty’s.?” -Keri W.
  • “It’s been a few decades but the Potica bread from the wonderful ladies that held a bake sale around Easter. I believe it was Front Street Market…their Kronskis and gyros!!!!!” -Lesley J.

Thanks for answering, everyone! Cheers! ?