#ANSWERED Where Do You Get Your Favorite Beer Locally?

#ANSWERED Where Do You Get Your Favorite Beer Locally?

Hey guys and gals! Last Friday was the day of all days, it was International Beer Day. Whether it’s served up in a taproom, brewery, restaurant, bought from the closest liquor store, or being enjoyed in the mountain with your best friends – beer seems to belong just about anywhere. ?

So in honor of the drink loved and cherished all around the world, beer – we asked YOU on FacebookInstagram, and in our newsletter to #TELLUS where you get your favorite beer locally.

According to YOU, the beer lovers of Sweetwater County, here
are the best places to get a brew locally. ?

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  • Square State Brewing. Great beer from top-quality people and great friendly patrons.” -Dave M.

  • Old Chicago carries Ten Sleep Brewery beer Speed Goat! It’s the best!” -Amy K.

  • Square State, of course!!!!!” -@potter863

  • “I don’t drink beer, but my grandson loves the selection of beers at Old Chicago. He tries different beers from their list when we go for dinner.” -Wanda H.

  • Gateway Liquors/Johny Macs -Jana W.

  • A&W has the best ROOT-BEER in Wyoming!!!! ?” -Carmen C.

  • My favorite is Square State Brewery. They always have something interesting on tap.  They are always experimenting on a new brew.

    My next go-to is Old Chicago. They also change up what they have on tap. Quite a few Wyoming brewery are represented. Tensleep Speed Goat….Absolutely amazing!!! Great selection at Old Chicago. -Peter P.

  • “Guinness at The Fish Bowl.-Teresa W.

  • Square State! They had a beer called Christine (I think) I’m pretty sure it was my favorite beer of all time, ever! Have a Beertastic day!” -Celeste W.

  • Open Range Bar-Nancy A.

  • “A brew with friends, a sweetheart, or family is the best!” -Kevin H.

Thanks for answering, everyone! Cheers! ?