#ANSWERED: Your Favorite Taco In Town

#ANSWERED: Your Favorite Taco In Town

Today is the day of the taco y’all. It’s National Taco Day! In other words, I give you permission to go eat as many tacos as your heart desires. You’re welcome…

When it comes to tacos, the possibilities are endless; crunchy, softshell, vegetarian, beef, chicken, pork, even chocolate! In honor of National Taco Day, we asked YOU (our followers and subscribers) on FacebookInstagram, and in our newsletter to #TELLUS what your favorite taco in town is.

If you’re up for trying something different than your regular taco order check out some of these answers! ?

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  • “Mom’s tacos.” -Gary C.
  • “My favorite taco is Saturday shrimp tacos at Cafe Rio. Yummy.” -Ramona H.
  • “My favorite is Taco Johns. Love their tacos and their taco burgers!!” -Benita H.
  • “Carne Asada Taco – Mi Casita in Green River.” -Terri K.
  • Pancho’s street tacos ?? They’re the best in town.” -Chelsea D.
  • “My own!” -Jan Z.
  • Taco Bell & Taco Time.” -Jolene E.
  • “1. Cafe Rio has pretty good beef or chicken tacos. 2. Panchos has some amazing chicken tacos, the deep-fried shell really pulls things together. 3. And Taco Bell is my preferred fast food taco.” -Tanisha C.
  • Taco Time’s original soft shell beef taco.” -@janalynns73
  • Ponchos!!” -Martha T.
  • “Carne asada tacos from Cinco De Mayo. A great little hole in the wall place connected to the gas station down by Santa Fe Grill.” -Kira
  • Cafe Rio – chicken tacos.” -@jenniferdrinkle
  • “Asada and chicken street tacos from Casa Chavez. Ask for their hot sauce on the side! Best street tacos in town!!!” -Kyle S.
  • “I love “Taco Johns.” ? -Treeva W.
  • Pla mor Bowling Alley…yummm.” -Karla R.
  • Casa Chavez ? with a banana margarita!” -@amberboling307

If you try any of these primo taco suggestions, #TELLUS what you thought by emailing kaylee@sweetwaternow.com or comment on the original Facebook post HERE.

Thanks for answering, everyone!