Ashley National Forest Begins Fire Restrictions August 11 at Midnight

Ashley National Forest Begins Fire Restrictions August 11 at Midnight

VERNAL, Utah —The Ashley National Forest is placing fire restrictions in place beginning midnight Tuesday, August 11, 2020, and continuing until further notice.

These restrictions will help to reduce the potential for wildfires and provide for public safety.

“With the lack of our typical monsoon rains this year and the lack of rain in the near term forecast the Forest is dry and the potential for fires will continue to increase in the near term driving the need to restrict campfires and ask our woodcutters to observe some special rules ” said Joseph Flores, Ashley National Forest Fire Management Officer.

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Fire restrictions prohibit igniting, building, maintaining, or using a fire, including charcoal and briquettes outside a fire structure that is provided by the Forest Service, such as those provided in our developed campgrounds, or permitted developed site such as a resort. [36 CFR § 261.52(a)]

Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or while stopped in an area at least 3 feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of any flammable material. [36 CFR § 261.52(d)]

Use of acetylene cutting torches or electric arc welders is restricted, except in cleared areas ten feet in radius. A five-pound fire extinguisher is required. [36 CFR § 261.52(d)]

Operating a chainsaw without a properly installed USDA or SAE approved spark arresting device, a five-pound fire extinguisher and a shovel. [36 CFR § 261.52(d)]

Logging operations, wood cutters and other industrial activities are required to monitor work area for one half area after operations to suppress any accidental ignitions.

The use of any exploding target device is always prohibited on the Ashley National Forest.

Using explosives requiring fuses or electric blasting caps. [36 CFR § 261.52(d)]