Assessor Field Crew to Begin Property Inspections in Green River

Assessor Field Crew to Begin Property Inspections in Green River

GREEN RIVER — The Sweetwater County Assessor field crew will begin re-evaluations of properties in Green River in the next few weeks. This is part of a statutory requirement to physically inspect every property within Sweetwater County once every six years, and Green River is next on the schedule.

The following information is from Sweetwater County Assessor, Dave Divis:

The current COVID-19 situation has forced us to be a little more creative in our procedures, but we still must meet our statutory obligation. Our procedure will be as follows:

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  • Knock on the front door and step back to a safe distance.
  • We will ask our normal questions, again from a safe distance.
  • We would encourage our residents to stay inside the home and answer our questions from behind a screen door if possible.
  • We will be measuring two sides of each property to confirm our measurements of each property and checking for any additions or deletions to our assessment information.
  • We will leave a door hanger with instructions for the on-line form for those residents who are not available during the inspection.
  • We would encourage residents who would rather avoid the in-person questions to call the office so we may update our information without any personal interaction.

Please keep in mind, we will still be on-site to look for any changes and to update our pictures. This is what we are required to do in our inspection process, but we want to be as safe and courteous as possible. All staff will have ID badges and be wearing shirts with the Sweetwater County Assessor designation and our vehicles are also badged with the Assessor logo.

We are all in this together and we do not want to make any of our residents uncomfortable in any way. Please feel free to contact the office at 307-872-3700.