Bid Awarded for Transfer Station Electrical Repairs

Bid Awarded for Transfer Station Electrical Repairs

GREEN RIVER– The Green River City Council unanimously awarded at last night’s meeting the Transfer Station electrical repair project to Electrical Connections, Inc. (ECI), which will allow repair work to begin.

The Transfer Station Post-Fire M&E Repair Project was awarded in the amount of $244,427.03. The bid opening took place June 20, and the only conforming bid was received from ECI.

The project includes the repair of certain electrical, mechanical, and building systems that were damaged by a fire that took place September 6, 2018.

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ECI’s bid came in higher than the Insurance Adjuster’s Estimate, and insurance will cover most of the project costs. The remaining funds will be allocated from the Solid Waste Fund.

Chris Meats, Green River Finance Director, said the goal is to have the electrical and mechanical repairs completed before snowfall. The roof also needs repaired, however, that will be done in a separate project that will go out to bid in Spring of 2020.

According to Meats, this is the second time they have gone out to bid for this project. The first time, both the electrical contractors and roofers did not want to do the whole job. The contractors requested the job be split into two projects.

The known roofers in Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Utah are all occupied with other jobs, so they recommended the City of Green River wait until Spring 2020 to go out to bid for roof repairs.

The roof will have to be torn off and replaced. However, once the mechanical and electrical repairs are made this year, the Transfer Station is expected to be operational, as there are not too many holes or leaks in the roof to prohibit them from operating in of the building.