BLM Cautions Drivers to Watch for Wild Horses on Roads

BLM Cautions Drivers to Watch for Wild Horses on Roads

ROCK SPRINGS – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) High Desert District is asking motorists to exercise caution while driving through wild horse herd management areas (HMAs) north and south of Interstate 80 in southwest Wyoming.

The High Desert District has seven HMAs encompassing more than 3.8 million acres. This land is crisscrossed by unfenced county and BLM roads. As a result, wild horses are hit by vehicles and killed or have to be euthanized because of their injuries.

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Wild Horse and Burro Specialist Ben Smith recommends awareness of HMA boundaries and reducing vehicle speed at night or when wild horses are near or in the roads. “You never know which direction a horse will take when they’re spooked or even if a band is about to come out of a draw and cross the road.”

Feeding and interacting with the wild horses can also make them less leery of roads and vehicles. It is illegal to feed, pet or otherwise harass a wild horse and citations with fines can be issued. Smith adds, “It’s as much for the protection of the wild horses as for people. These are wild animals and they don’t behave the way domestic animals do.”

If you have a collision with a wild horse, please call 911. If you see an injured wild horse, please contact Smith in the Rawlins Field Office at 307-328-4319 or Jay D’Ewart in the Rock Springs Field Office at 307-352-0331.