BLM Rock Springs opens scoping on North Dutch John Unit #1 Project

BLM Rock Springs opens scoping on North Dutch John Unit #1 Project

ROCK SPRINGS – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Rock Springs Field Office is launching at least a 30-day public scoping period prior to preparing an environmental assessment on a proposal by Azalea Oil Company, LLC to develop one exploratory oil and natural gas well on a single well pad in the North Dutch John Unit.

The North Dutch John Unit #1 project encompasses approximately 4.9 acres of public land located roughly 17 miles north of Dutch John, Utah in Sweetwater County, Wyo. The proposal includes one vertically drilled exploratory oil and gas well at a depth of roughly 15,960 feet depending on the geologic formation, upgrading less than a mile of existing two-track road, constructing approximately 84 feet of new access road, along with production tanks, separator, and a meter shack. If the well proves to be economically feasible, the life of the project is anticipated to be 20 to 30 years with the maximum surface disturbance expected to be approximately 4.9 acres.

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The proposed project is located near the Flaming Gorge National Recreational Area. The project area is also a popular hunting site, which is within designated pronghorn antelope, elk, and mule deer crucial winter range. In addition, the project area is within a class III visual resource management area, so low profile holding tanks and camouflage paint colors would be utilized to help the development blend into and retain the characteristics of the natural landscape.

Written comments will be accepted until Jan. 3, 2014. Comments may be e-mailed to: include “North Dutch John Unit #1 Scoping” in the subject line), faxed to 307-352-0329, or mailed to the Bureau of Land Management, Rock Springs Field Office, N. Dutch John Unit #1 Scoping, 280 Highway 191 North, Rock Springs, WY 82901.

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