Bombshells Adopt Seniors for Christmas

Bombshells Adopt Seniors for Christmas

What do the Bitter Sweet Bombshells do during their off-season?

For Christmas, the local roller derby team adopts two seniors in the community and go Christmas shopping for them.

The Bombshells always do a few charitable donations for the holidays. A favorite has been the adopt-a-senior programs for the past few years, Bombshell Meagan Varley said. 

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“The seniors always want unique items so they are always fun to shop for. This year we bought some clothing and a cherry pie that was requested,” Varley said. “One year we got purple hair dye for a senior which made us all smile.”


It’s just a lighthearted way to give back to the community this time of year.”

~ Meagan Varley



Rock Springs & Green River

The Bombshells adopt one senior from Rock Springs and one from Green River each year.

They usually pick their seniors from the Young at Heart and Golden Hour senior centers, Bombshell Michelle Garcia-Balzly said.

We like to adopt one from each town, as we have girls living in both Rock Springs and Green River,” Balzly said.


Why Senior Citizens?

Instead of adopting kids or families for Chistmas giving, the Bombshells like to adopt senior citizens as a team, Balzly said.

“There are so many programs in the community with children and family focuses, that sometimes I think the seniors in our community get overlooked as an option,” she said.