Bridger Coal Honored for Achieving Top Safety Record

Bridger Coal Honored for Achieving Top Safety Record

Employees of the Bridger Coal Mine display the top safety award they received in their category among the three Rocky Mountain Power states.

ROCK SPRINGS — Rocky Mountain Power recently honored Bridger Coal employees for achieving top safety records with a grant to the charity organization of their choice.

The mine held the top record for safety in its category among the three Rocky Mountain Power states. 

“Safety is not a one-person job. It takes everyone, in step, with a common vision and purpose to keep each other safe,” said Tom Davis, safety director for Rocky Mountain Power. “This is an exciting accomplishment for Bridger and it honors their outstanding teamwork and professionalism.”

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The team selected the Cowboys Against Cancer as their organization of choice to receive the $1,000 award.

“If you have your health you can tackle almost any problem in life, and that is why safety is so important,” said Margaret Parry, president of Cowboys Against Cancer. “On behalf of Cowboys Against Cancer, and especially on behalf of the cancer patients in Sweetwater County, we thank you very much.”

Employees at Naughton Power Plant in Kemmerer and Wyoming Wires near throughout the state were also recently honored for achieving the top safety performance in their operational categories of generation and poles and wires.

Bridger Coal Mine employees chose Cowboys Against Cancer to receive it charitable donation granted by Rocky Mountain Power for the mine earning top safety honors.

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