Calling All Artists: 10 Utility Boxes Need Artwork for Vinyl Wraps

Calling All Artists: 10 Utility Boxes Need Artwork for Vinyl Wraps

This example of box art is located at Western Wyoming Community College and was one of the first two completed in Rock Springs. Photo by Stephanie Thompson

ROCK SPRINGS — Artists who would like to see their artwork publicly displayed in a unique form will not want to miss out on this artist call.

The Rock Springs Box Art Committee is calling artists and photographers to submit their artwork, which will be transformed into vinyl wraps and placed around utility boxes.

“We had a vision of our town having all of this box art,” Rock Springs Box Art Committee member Susie von Ahrens said.

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Not only will the selected artists have their artwork displayed on a utility box, but they will receive $200. The deadline is May 18 so artists must act fast if they would like to submit their work.

“To see your artwork on a box, I think would be awesome,” von Ahrens said.

Prior to placing the vinyl wraps on the utility boxes, the committee met with Rocky Mountain Power, Wyoming Department of Transportation, and the city of Rock Springs because those were the groups that owned the boxes, she said.

While the committee is separate from the city it is under the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce and all sponsorships or money the committee receives goes through the Chamber. Photos of the artists’ submissions must be emailed to the RS Chamber at

Currently, the committee is searching for artwork to wrap around eight boxes in Bunning Park. Von Ahrens said the artwork going into the park must incorporate the International Days theme somehow.

Two other boxes will also be wrapped with vinyl and the only requirement for these boxes is the art or photograph must be bright, vibrant, and colorful. One of these boxes is located on 2950 College Drive, while the other is on the corner of 2nd Street and A Street.

According to von Ahrens, the artwork must be original, but it can be something the artist already has completed as long as the artists owns the right to the work.

Mark Cowen of Radiant Manufacturing will print the vinyl artwork and will work closely with each artist to ensure their art piece will fit the box’s dimensions. Cowen is donating all of his time to print and install the vinyl masterpieces, however the committee will still need to pay for the vinyl itself.

“That helps us a lot with the cost otherwise we wouldn’t be able to do this,” von Ahrens said.

To pay for the wraps, the committee is asking businesses to sponsor a box.

The vinyl wraps should last 5-7 years, however this all depends on where they are located and the condition of the box. All of the boxes will be sanded and repainted prior to the vinyl wrap being placed around them, von Ahrens said. This will help the vinyl adhere to the box better.

So far, the city has two art-wrapped boxes in town. One is located at Western Wyoming Community College and the other is near Arthur Park on College Drive.

“We just got those wrapped last summer,” von Ahrens said.

The committee planned on wrapping four or five boxes a year, but the International Days Committee wanted the ones in Bunning Park wrapped this year prior to its July 11, 2020, event.

“It’s just taken off. We got a lot of compliments on the first two,” she said.

Once residents see them in the community everyone is going to want them.

“I think it’s going to be very good for the city as far as the arts…,” von Ahrens said.

Submission Information

Any artist or photographer may submit two pieces of artwork.

Winning artists will receive $200 for their art design. The owners of the power box will own the physical work, however, the artist will maintain ownership of the design and may reproduce it without permission from the owner of the power box or the RSBA Committee. 

The deadline for submissions is May 18. A photograph of the submission must be emailed to the Rock Springs Chamber of Commerce at

Winners will be selected by May 25.

Only original art will be accepted. No commercial reproductions are allowed.

Artists create something that can be tailored to be easily formatted to the boxes. Paintings or photographs are welcome. The vinyl artwork will be placed on all four sides and possibly the top of the box.

Submissions may not contain more than 20 percent words.

Submission designs should avoid a large amount, over 20 percent, of black color.

Submissions should include a photo of the work being submitted, the application submission form and the schematic drawing of how the art will appear on the box.

For questions please contact Peg Larson at or Susie von Ahrens at