Cervantes and Klein Join WWCC Soccer

Cervantes and Klein Join WWCC Soccer

WWCC Assistant Head Coach Roger Carroll (left) poses with Kevin Cervantes (middle) and Kreston Klein (left). Photo courtesy of Kreston Klein.

ROCK SPRINGS — Two familiar faces from the Rock Springs Tigers Boy’s Soccer team will be sticking around to continue kicking the ball here in Rock Springs. Kevin Cervantes and Kreston Klein each made recent moves to join the Western Wyoming Community College Men’s Soccer team.

Cervantes and Klein each attended the Mustangs’ soccer tryouts. Both players earned offers from Western to keep their talents local after impressing WWCC Assistant Head Coach Roger Carroll.

The duo will entertain spectators for the next two seasons while wearing red and black. Cervantes has played as an attacking midfield during his time with the Tigers. As for Klein, he has served as the center defender for Rock Springs. Both will be valuable pieces for the Mustangs’ soccer squad moving forward.

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Making Memories

Klein and Cervantes’ relationship was taken to another level when Klein encouraged Cervantes to join the RSHS soccer team. As a freshmen, Cervantes made the decision to try competitive soccer for the first time in his life.

“He (Klein) was one of the people who influenced me to play,” Cervantes said. “He really helped me over summers and through practices.”

Klein was born with a love for soccer in his blood. Growing up in a family where soccer was nearly practiced as a religion, he naturally became a Tiger and has played under his father Lyndon Klein.

As time went on, both Cervantes and Klein continued to earn their stripes on the team and make special memories.

Sophomore year for Klein was one of his favorite memories from his career. He had the opportunity to learn from strong teammates and develop his skills on the field. The Tigers also went to state that year.

“They really helped me succeed in my first year of varsity,” Klein said.

Kreston Klein signs his letter of intent to join the Mustangs. Photo courtesy of Kreston Klein.

For Cervantes, his favorite memory from his time with Rock Springs has been his ongoing friendships he has made with his teammates and coaches.

“Making friendships with everyone and growing as a team and creating a brotherhood,” Cervantes said.

There’s no doubt that both Cervantes and Klein have an infectious ability to form a brotherhood within the team.

Becoming a Mustang

For both Klein and Cervantes, staying local carries meaning and honor.

“First of all, I’m in my hometown so that was a big reason why I chose to play at Western,” Klein said. “It makes me really excited.”

Originally from Georgia, Cervantes moved to Rock Springs when he was six-years-old and considers Wyoming to be home.

“Staying home is something I’ve always wanted to do instead of leaving to go somewhere else,” Cervantes said.

Kevin Cervantes signs his national letter of intent surrounded by his family. Photo courtesy of Kevin Cervantes.

Becoming Mustangs together has been a fun experience for both soccer stars. In a similar way they have made memories as Tigers, they’ve also made memories already as they went through the process to play as Mustangs.

“It’s been really cool. Kevin and I have been going through all this Western stuff together. We both tried out together. And we’ve both been going through this process together. We’ve been able to share the memories together,” Klein said.

The Last Ride

With their senior season of spring soccer ahead of them, the two hope to chase the chance for a state championship and improve their personal game before graduating RSHS.

Cervantes had plans to get better at his speed of play and hopes to assist the Tigers in moving the ball around.

As for Klein, he plans to stick to hard work, something that has helped him get this far in his career. He also hopes to serve as a team captain once again for the team.

Rock Springs is set to begin the season in March.