Christal Martin Announces Bid for House Representative District 60

Christal Martin Announces Bid for House Representative District 60

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Christal Martin is a lifelong conservative born and raised in Green River and is running for House District 60.

She is the founder and director of Sweetwater Against Trafficking where she works to establish much needed education and resources to bring an end to human trafficking. She has dedicated her work towards keeping a safe and family friendly community. She has worked diligently for the last 5 years to bring western Wyoming organizations to work as one and bring an end to the second largest growing crime in the United States.

As a member of Tom Whitmore Post 28 and a part of the lineage of veterans, Martin prides herself on supporting veterans and their needs. She feels strongly about serving the veteran community to ensure that veterans are given the proper care needed, as they have diligently fought for our freedoms and protection.

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A family member of two murder victims one of which murdered in Green River, Martin also advocates for criminal justice reform and the repeal of the death penalty. She believes that we can work towards funding for much needed rehabilitation programs in our department of corrections and lower recidivism rates that cost Wyoming more money in the long run.

After studies and personally experiencing the Victim Offender Dialogue Christal jumped on board to start educating communities in Wyoming about the importance of Changing the Lens to a restorative approach. Speaking with community organizations to see where restorative justice could work to benefit the people of our community. Due to the lack of funding, restorative measures have not been put in place but she hopes that in time we can create a process that helps work with the youth of today and tomorrow’s future.

As a mother of three she firmly believes in teaching her children about the 2nd amendment as well as proper gun safety.

The core values of Green River have always been so unique to our beautiful state and she will encourage these same values.