City Approves License for Wine and Book Bar to Open in Downtown Rock Springs


ROCK SPRINGS– Rock Springs resident Lisa Ryberg will open up a book bar in downtown Rock Springs in January 2018, which will be a place for the community to read books while enjoying some wine and light refreshments.

Ryberg brought forth a request for a satellite winery license for Jackson Hole Winery LLC to the Rock Springs City Council at Tuesday night’s meeting. The council unanimously approved the request.

“I think it’s a great concept,” Mayor Carl Demshar said. He added he believes it will be a great place for people to go in downtown Rock Springs.

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All of the wine will come from Jackson Hole Winery LLC, meaning all the wine will be Wyoming made. Sidekicks Bookbar will open its doors in January at its location at 507 Broadway St.

Ryberg said with Hastings closing, it left an edge in the community for small local book stores. She wants to open a business where people can come in after work and relax with a good book and some great wine. There will also be tea, coffee, cheese and meat trays, and desserts.

“Wine complements books, and cheese complements wine, and chocolate complements wine,” Ryberg said.

Before Sidekicks Bookbar opens, Ryberg still has to finalize food regulations, decide which books to stock in the book  bar, and figure out which programs and softwares to use, and finish furnishing the book bar.

Sidekicks Bookbar will be open from 10 am to 9 pm, though these hours are not final. Ryberg wants to close the bookbar around 9 pm, as she does not want the book bar to be treated as a restaurant or bar. She said there are many great restaurants and bars for people to go to in Rock Springs.