Coach Art Castillo: Social Distancing and Home Workout Tips During this Time


Western Wyoming Community College’s wrestling coach Art Castillo sent us some videos with some helpful and entertaining tips on staying positive while social distancing and working out at home during the COVID-19 crisis. His cat Louden Swain jumped in to help out.

Trust us, you’ll want to watch every single video for some laughs.

Staying at home more than usual already making you go a little bit insane? Here are Coach Castillo’s tips on staying positive, being grateful each day, finding a place that’s your own to minimize distractions, and of course a couple of home workout suggestions.


By: Art Castillo & Louden the Cat

For added safety, maybe wear some gloves to prevent claw scratches on hands…


Cleaning, working out, aaaand impressing your wife…

Remember, keep your core tight! Abs and a clean house – win, win for the wife.


From anywhere in the house, even the kitchen…

Your whole house is the gym now – there are zero excuses.


Can be done with other small animals, children, objects, etc.

Disclaimer: Cat may not comply the whole time.

There ya have it, folks. Be like Coach Castillo and make the most of your extra time at home. Stay positive and take care of yourself! ๐Ÿงก