Commissioners Approve Detention Center Roof Replacement

Commissioners Approve Detention Center Roof Replacement

Photo courtesy of Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office Facebook

SWEETWATER COUNTY – The Sweetwater County Commission unanimously approved a $388,000 bid for the removal and replacement of the Sweetwater County Detention Center’s roof during its meeting Tuesday.

Big Horn Roofing Inc. were awarded the project as their bid was the lowest at $388,105. The Sweetwater County Public Works Department recommended the project due to the current condition of the roof. The roof is in poor condition because of wind degradation.

“When the wind’s blowing a little bit, it looks like you’re walking on a water bed up on top,” Public Works Director Gene Legerski said.

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According to Legerski, the building and roof are 17 years old and had a life expectancy of 20 years. This means the roof is nearly at its expected life. The new roof will be built to better withstand the windy conditions.

“We are going back with a 90 mile per hour graded roof on that,” Legerski said. “It’s a heavier mill lining.”

Luckily, the roof has not had any leaks yet, but Legerski said it would only be a matter of time if the roof is not replaced.

“It’s on its last legs,” he said.

Legerski said that the roof was previously discussed amongst line item budget requests, so the money is already budgeted for this project.

Other Business

The Sweetwater County Commission made several board appointments during its Tuesday meeting. The appointments are as follows:

Tim Knight was appointed to the Fiber Optics Telecommunication Cooperate Joint Powers Board for a three-year term. David Halter was appointed to the same board for a two-year term. Commissioner Lauren Schoenfeld was appointed to the board as well for a one-year term.

Harold Good was appointed to the Solid Waste Disposal District 2- Wamsutter/Bairoil board. Lastly, Megan Jensen was appointed to the Sweetwater County Library System Board.