Community Invited to Help With Secret Birthday Surprise Today

Community Invited to Help With Secret Birthday Surprise Today

Residents are invited to surprise 2020 Wyoming Young Miss All American Girl Allyson Harder for her 12th birthday today by participating in a car parade. Courtesy photo

A Green River girl who didn’t want anything for her birthday is about the get a big surprise today when the community comes together to give her a birthday car parade.

According to Melinda Baggett, one of the Wyoming Directors of All-American Girl, when Allyson Harder was asked by her mother, Ashley, what she wanted for her 12th birthday this year, Allyson said she didn’t want anything because her birthday was just another day like any other.

Baggett said Allyson has been going through a really tough time since her dad passed away on March 13, 2020, while she competing for the Wyoming All American Girl Pageant. Despite the heartbreaking and unexpected news, Allyson continued to compete in the pageant and was crowned the 2020 Wyoming Young Miss All American Girl on March 15, 2020.

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After Allyson told her mother her birthday was just another day, Ashley reached out to family and friends and asked them to send her cards and gifts so Allyson would know how special she really is.

Baggett said when she heard what Ashley was doing, she asked Ashley if she could help. Ashley accepted the offer, and since then, Baggett has been reaching out to the other pageant participants and the community to make Allyson’s birthday one to remember.

Those with Allyson at the pageant are from left to right: Brooklyne Greenwell 2019 National Little Miss, Layla Ajeel 2019 National Young Miss, Kandis, Johnston 2019 National Cover Girl, Harper Cook 2019 National Tiny Miss, Allyson Harder 2020 Wyoming Young Miss, Chloee Dusel Wyoming Ambassador, Deanna Baggett Wyoming Ambassador, 2019 New Mexico Jr Teen Miss and Alexis Baggett Wyoming Ambassador/ 2019 New Mexico Miss. Courtesy photo

“Our goal was to just show her that it is a big day (and) that she is very loved,” Baggett said. “Even though her dad cannot be with her today, she has a huge pageant family that loves her and are here for her, along with we’re hoping a huge community turn out.”

How The Community Can Help

First, they can keep this whole car parade a secret from Allyson.

“She has no idea. It was very difficult for her family to be able to keep it a secret,” Baggett said.

Second, if you want to participate you can meet at the Green River Smith’s Food and Drug parking lot at 5:30 pm today, May 20. From there a car line will be formed and they will then proceed to drive by Allyson’s home on 515 B Windriver.

Baggett said a table will be set up for those who want to give Allyson a card or gift.

Allyson’s Goals

“Allyson has the most beautiful soul in a young lady I think I have ever experienced,” Baggett said,

Allyson’s goal is to be a positive figure to all young ladies and wants them to know it they chase their dreams anything can happen.

Allyson has a public figure page named Wy Young Miss All American Girl. Residents can follow her and her journey as a Wyoming Overall Queen. The 2020 All American Girl Queens, from all over United States, were going to attend Nationals in Las Vegas in August of 2020, but this event has been postponed until August 2021 due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.