Community Thanks Local Law Enforcement for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Community Thanks Local Law Enforcement for National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day – the perfect opportunity to show officers that we are thankful for the incredibly difficult job they do day in and day out.

Each law enforcement officer gives up sleep, time with their family, and countless other things because they are committed to the job, to the country, and to us. 

We think the hard-working law enforcement officers in Sweetwater County deserve a thank you for helping keep us safe, so we asked you to send us a thank you message to our local law enforcement earlier this week.

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Read some of the thank you messages below ?

  • “Brent Hemphill, Green River Police Department – You work so well with the young people and high school security in our community. I like your kindness and approach to everyone you meet. Thank you for your service and may God keep you safe and healthy as well as your family.” -M. Rendon
  • “Many thanks to all law enforcement officers.” -Lucille D.
  • “Thank you all so much for your hard work & sacrifice!” -Tammy K.
  • “Thank you, Tom Jarvie, for all of the time you put into saving our life. Thank you for your support in all matters.” -Larry B.
  • “Thank you for your service!!” -Georgeen H.
  • “Thank you for choosing law enforcement and your dedication to protecting all of us.” -Madeleine P.
  • “Many thanks and praise for doing great things.” -Jerry L.
  • “Thank you for allowing us to sleep knowing you are all out there 24 hours a day!” -Sue N.
  • “Thanks for all of your service. Thank you for putting your life on the line so we are safe.” -Marie H.
  • “Thank ALL of you. Please be safe out there.” -Marcia B.
  • “Thank you ALL for everything you do!!! ???‍♀️” -Trisha M.
  • “Thank you, officers. Be safe!” -Donna A.
  • “Thank you for your service!” -Joyce H.
  • “Thank you for your service. Keep safe.” -Karen D.
  • “Thank you so much.” -Jan M.
  • “Well, that’s easy, thanks, Tim Robinson & Andy Petek!” -Thaen W.

Thank you for your service! ?