Community Thanks Miners for National Miners Day

Community Thanks Miners for National Miners Day

Today is National Miners Day! For years, coal and trona mines have helped power the families and economy in Sweetwater County.

National Miners Day is a day we honor the hard-working men and women who have spent countless hours mining in darkness, underground and the blazing and frigid temperature on the surface to provide for their families and ensure the success of Sweetwater County.

We think each and every miner in Sweetwater County deserves a thank you, so we asked you to send us a thank you message for the miner(s) in your life.

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Read some of the thank you messages below ?

  • “Thanks to all my miner friends I had the honor to work with, in Sweetwater County.” -Richard C.

  • “To my Brothers, Dad (deceased), & all of my friends & family who worked or work both underground & surface, God bless you & keep you safe. Your sacrifice of not being there for holidays & special events because you were on graveyards, swings or day shift gas not gone unnoticed…” -Ronda N.

  • “Thanks daddy for all the long, hard days that you put in working underground!! I love you very much!” -Sharon C.

  • “Thanks to my Dad, brother-in-law and cousin and all the many family and friends who have been miners that have kept Rock Springs alive all these years!!!!!?❤️?❤️” -Jolene E.

  • “I come from a long line of miners. . . Great Grandfather,William H. Matthews (1867), His son Wm. Matthews (1870’s) , My Grandfather John Meeks ( Reliance 1930’s & 40’s) Many Uncles in both lines. .Matthews, McTee’s, & Meeks). They all leave a great heritage. So many of our friends were also involved with the mines.  THANKING THEM ALL FOR THEIR VERY HARD WORK & giving us the means to live a very comfortable & memorable time in which to grow up. God Bless you all.” -Diane H.

  • “A BIG thanks to my Dad (Larry Hunsaker), Brother (Paul Hunsaker) and Husband (James Prettyman) for the work they do in our Sweetwater County Mines!” -Shelly P.

  • “Thank you to all my sisters and brothers in the Trona patch. Also, thank you to all our coal miners for keeping my family warm all their lives.” -Dorothe Nobles

  • “There are no braver, stronger, greater, more humble men and women than those who brave the greatest human challenge: to face the dark, not afraid, untroubled by its vastness, unconcerned by its silence, aware of its deadly capacities as they toil daily to bring its riches to the light for all to share. May God Bless all of you and those you love on this and every day for who you are and what you do!” -Ted C.
  • “Thank you Phillip Stiles for working hard and showing me what it means to be a hardworker! Also thank you for being my dad?” –Michelle Stiles Morgan
  • “Absolutely…Miners are a big reason that we live easily in this electronic world. Thank you for keeping our lights on, our hospitals and all it’s life saving equipment running, our food safe and fresh in our refrigerators, being able to travel in comfort and speed in cars, planes and trains, filtering our water and dialysis machines, making cosmetic and oral hygiene products work, the list goes on and on…
  • But most of all thank you for putting your lives in danger each shift that you work to keep us all in the luxury that we have all so unconsciously become accustomed. God bless a miner.❤” –Robyn Hyita Frampton
  • “Thank you to my amazing husband, Ron Justus Jr., for working long hours in the dark to take care of our family. The boys and I love you very much! ???” – Andrea Justus
  • “Thank You Lyle Howells for working shift work, over time, driving in the bad weather to give our family a great life. We all love you for working hard for all of us to this day!” –Rie Howellls
  • “There are to many I know to list them all, but to all of them, I say thank you ! It takes a certain breed of a “MAN” to go hundreds of feet underground, to work in pitch black darkness to earn a living to provide for their families and to provide so much for so many Americans and others worldwide, the products they need and want. The years of never seiing daylight while working, the endless miles of rock drilled. blasted and ground througth. So to this “BROTHERHOOD OF MINERS” I say Thank You, And may God always protect and bless you and your families!!!” –Kelly Phillips Harsha
  • “My dad James Coen worked at FMC my whole life and I’m proud to say that I make and manufacturer bolts and resin for the mining industry worldwide.” –Michael Coen
  • “Thanks a million to all the miners , past present and future.?” –Mar Centers
  • “The best thing to come out of the mine at the end of the shift is this gem- Mike Walk. ?” –Annie Beagley Walk
  • “My daddy has been a miner my whole life! Thank you Kenneth Nations !” –Talitha R. Blatter
  • “My dad Bill Libby has been with OCI for 40 years ? you dad.”-Brandy Lee Libby
  • “Thanks Dad for providing for us for all these years Veldon Kraft.❤” –Calisha Christenson
  • “Thanks to all the sisters and brothers that made those years what they were. What memories.”-Wayne B. Rivera

  • “Yes we know several minors, also my husband retired from a mine in sweetwater county, they are all a hardworking bunch, do a great job, can be dangerous, but thats what they do for the products that we all use in alot of ways.” –Paula Atwood

Thank you, miners of Sweetwater County! ?