County Commissioners to Consider Vacating Eden Road

County Commissioners to Consider Vacating Eden Road

This photo shows a view of the land County Road 124 is found on. Photo courtesy of Western-EGI

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The Sweetwater County commissioners will consider approving a resolution to vacate a County Road 124 Eden East 2nd North during their meeting Tuesday.

Public notices of intent to vacate the roadway were posted at seven different sites within the Eden Valley community, and the county received 14 letters in support of vacating the road and three against.

According to the viewer’s report by Western-EGI, the road hasn’t been used since 1994 and to use it, a new road would have to be constructed for a total of approximately $962,000. There would then be an annual cost for the county to maintain the road, and it would present a burden to the McMurry Ranch LLC.

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The viewer’s report states that if a new road was constructed, a large portion of irrigated land would be removed, and the construction would require that the pivot for the McMurry ranch be altered. Approximately 118.5 acres is currently irrigated by the center pivot. If stops were put in on the pivot, then only 62% (73.85 acres) of the currently irrigated property would be irrigated. If the center pivot was moved to the southern boundary of CR-124 then only 51% (60.45 acres) of the currently irrigated property would be irrigated.

Additionally, the vacation of the proposed right-of-way would not impact access to any other property owners.

Prior to this resolution, the meeting will start with a public hearing to receive resident input regarding the Sweetwater County Library System’s intention to submit a Wyoming Library Multi-Purpose Community Facility Program grant application in the amount of $1,203,096. The project consists of renovating the HVAC systems and upgrade the automatic control systems at the White Mountain Library. The funding originates from the U.S. Department of Treasury Coronavirus Capital Projects fund, and was created through the American Rescue Plan Act in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

During the meeting, the commissioners will also make a board appointment to the Predatory Animal Board and the Star Transit Board.

The Sweetwater County commissioners will meet Tuesday, July 2, at 9 a.m. at the Sweetwater County Courthouse. The meeting can be attended in person or watched on YouTube. To view the full meeting agenda, click here.