COVID-19 Update: Sweetwater County Sees Surge in Cases

COVID-19 Update: Sweetwater County Sees Surge in Cases

SWEETWATER COUNTY — According to Sweetwater County Public Health, Sweetwater County is experiencing a surge in COVID-19 infections.

Public health has continued to update the community on COVID-19 with reports. As always, we have read through the latest report and are passing on any new information.

Here’s what’s new.

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Public Health Update

“Sweetwater County is experiencing a surge in COVID-19 infections,” public health officials stated. “To prevent infection with COVID-19 we recommend getting vaccinated including any boosters you are eligible for, wear a mask indoors in public places, frequent hand washing, and maintain social distance.”

As of January 19, Sweetwater County’s test positivity rate is at 18 percent, which is up from
around 7 percent two weeks ago and 11.5 percent from last week. Overall, Sweetwater County is in the ‘red zone’ with high transmission levels. There are 114 confirmed deaths to date and 359 positive cases.

Hospital Update

Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County (MHSC) is caring for an average of about 10 inpatients daily, including an average of three COVID-19 positive inpatients daily. The Emergency Room continues to average 38-40 visits per day.

Regionwide: In an “unprecedented move,” University of Utah Health recently reduced the number of beds it offers as a result of staff shortage and having hundreds of staff out sick.

The weekly U of U Health Affiliate meeting includes hospitals in Wyoming, Idaho and Utah, representing nearly 20 hospitals. Most of the hospitals have reported clinical staff shortages, as well as reported blood shortages. They are reporting severe illness and intubations. MHSC is doing okay in terms of blood supply, but being on I-80, they continue to be concerned.

Vaccine Coverage Changes: MHSC continues to offer its vaccine & booster drive-thru from 3-6 p.m. every Tuesday and Wednesday through the end of January. Beginning February 1, the COVID-19 Vaccine Drive-thru will be open from 3-6 p.m. on Tuesdays only. The swab clinic drive-thru continues to be available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday at the hospital’s main entrance.

For Sweetwater Memorial’s daily coronavirus update, go to

College Update

Western Wyoming Community College is reporting 12 new COVID-19 cases with six active case and 19 total recovered cases for the Spring of 2022.

Face coverings continue to be strongly recommended for those on-campus who are unvaccinated,
are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, or in areas where social distancing cannot occur.
There is a face covering mandate in the Children’s Center for staff who are not fully vaccinated.
Per the CDC’s guidance, any student, employee, or community member who tests positive for
COVID-19 must wear a face covering for five days when returning to campus after completing their
five day isolation period as long as their symptoms are resolving. However, if the person has a
fever, the person must continue to stay home until the fever resolves.