[Christmas Countdown] Delight the Foodie in Your Life with Build-Your-Own Gift Baskets from R & B Meats

[Christmas Countdown] Delight the Foodie in Your Life with Build-Your-Own Gift Baskets from R & B Meats

Homemade buffalo sausage, beef jerky, or a jar of huckleberry jam. What could be better?

These and dozens of other choices are available for build-your-own gift baskets and memorable meals from R & B Meats & Catering.


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All sausage and beef jerky is made in-house, with selections like:

  • Gourmet buffalo sausage (available in 8 flavors)
    • Flavors like pepperoni, Cajun, & habanero
  • Gourmet beef sausage & salami (available in 10 flavors)
    • Flavors like green chili salami or jalapeno & cheese
  • Gourmet beef jerky (available in 16 flavors)
    • Flavors like beer, bourbon, honey, & bloody mary


Other additions for your gift basket include:

  • Pappardelle’s fine pastas in a variety of shapes and flavors
  • Jams and jellies from Montana and Wyoming
  • Finishing sauces
  • Olive oils
  • Spice mixes
  • Chapolera coffee beans
  • Whipped honey
  • Much, much more!

Smoked Turkey

Our smoked turkeys are juicy and always a hit. They are the first to go during the meal. Be sure to order soon for the holiday. They will keep well in the freezer for the big football game, or special event.

Our UDSA Choice Prime rib is all ways cut to order, the size you need. Ask for the special seasoning that makes the prime rib a hit. Or you can get it non-seasoned. UDSA Choice boneless Prime Rib for Christmas and News Years will be a meal to remember!

About Us

R & B Meats is open all year long. (Ask about our bundles for the rest of year!) We sell USDA Choice Meats, cut fresh to order, the way you want it. Come in weekly for a fresh cut steak or hamburger or to check out our unique gift items.

We’re more than just your local butcher shop!

R & B Meats & Catering
515 E. 2nd North Green River, WY 82935

Phone: 307-875-2556

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