Demo Derby makes the move to June this summer; Drivers interested in participating need to register by May 15

Demo Derby makes the move to June this summer; Drivers interested in participating need to register by May 15

ROCK SPRINGS – On Tuesday night, the Rock Springs City Council will vote on a malt beverage permit for this year’s demolition derby. However, there is one glaring difference about this year’s event compared to the past years.

Residents always look forward to the derby which has traditionally followed the Wyoming Big Show in August. This year, the event has been moved to June 13. Due to declining numbers – which has been a nationwide trend the past several years – last year’s derby went from two days to one. This year, the event will remain as a one-day event.

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This year will be the 36th year for the annual Rock Springs Professional Firefighters Local 1499 derby. While the event has always be a favorite of the community and fun for the entire family, the money raised goes right back into the community.

The derby is the Firefighter Local 1499 fundraiser and the money from the event goes to support several local charities such as the local burn fund and scholarships for the younger residents. RSFD’s Ben Fausett said they look at each request case-by-case with a focus on helping the youth of the community as well as those residents who are desperately in need.

There were a couple of reasons for the move this year. Fausett said there is a big derby is Salt Lake City as well as one in Rawlins on the August weekend when the derby usually took place. Also, the move was to put the derby as one of the first events of the summer instead of the last one. Fausett said after Flaming Gorge Days, the fair and the rodeos, many residents are tired and tapped out.

The hope is to not just attract more spectators but to also attract new drivers. Fausett said they are always looking for new drivers. He said it is not hard to convert a 1980’s or newer vehicle into a car that is derby ready.

With the move, the RSFD is asking all drivers to register by May 15. This can be done on the website at Fausett said by doing registration on the website, it helps them gauge the numbers better. Also on the site are updated rules and other information.

The derby also relies on community sponsors. He said any local business who would like to become a sponsor can also go to the website to get information. Local 1499 puts the event sponsors on the website as well as giving them recognition in other advertisements in the different media markets.