Desert View and Farson/Eden Students Art on Display at CFAC

Desert View and Farson/Eden Students Art on Display at CFAC

Desert View first grader Lane Childers stopped in to see his artwork, the spider in the web on the right, in the current display at the Community Fine Arts Center.

ROCK SPRINGS —The third display of this year’s Youth Art Exhibits features Desert View and Stagecoach Elementary Schools at the Community Fine Arts Center until March 19. The exhibit includes nearly 150 students displaying their artwork and they are under the instruction of Annette Tanner and Susanne Whitson.

National Youth Art Month is observed in March each year, but the CFAC has art displays of the Sweetwater County School District No. 1 student’s artwork all spring. This national observation recognizes the importance of art and arts education in school programs. Art, music, and the performing arts activities can help students develop life skills including self-expression, problem solving, creativity, individuality, and being able to see the beauty both in traditional art forms and the world around them.

The CFAC continues to celebrate the importance of the arts in our schools by holding the annual displays. Rock Springs High School teacher Elmer Halseth encouraged his students as far back as the 1930s to raise money and he helped them to purchase art to hang in their classrooms. In 1966, he arranged for the expanded art collection to be on display for the public and the Community Fine Arts Center began to be an important feature of the town.

“This is our favorite time of the year, seeing the students’ artwork and how proud they are showing it to their families! Whether it is collage, pastels, drawing with markers or painting with watercolors, each piece is unique,” said Debora Soule, CFAC director. “The arts matter to all ages and we are so fortunate to share this with the public.”


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KINDERBOOST: Adrian Alvarez Castro, Virtue Boltz, Annalyse Chatwin, Jasper Gates

KINDERGARTEN: Makynna Allen, Dalary Colchado, Gotti Fuller, Leilanny Godoy, Bryanna Hernandez, McKenzie Kennah, Kenna Neal, Leila Nilles, Luke Pasborg, Hadley Pavey, Tucker Schuler

FIRST: Derek Bonacci, Keelan Carter, Lane Childers, Lynly Durrans, Maddie Kennah, Noah Magana, Chance Overy, Jaeslyne Pacheco, Bennett Pedri, Ximena Perea-Rodriguez, Sofia Perez, Daleyza Sanchez, Hudson Wintermote

SECOND: Braxtyn Behling, Hazel Edwards, Yailenny Godoy, Daniel Gonzalez, Aaron Gutierrez, Lailah Henderson-Sapini, Neymar Madrid Aguilar, Ophelia Maes, Junior Mathiason, Maleya Nicholson, Aylin Perez, Avery Schuler, Camden Sloan, Amyka Willaby

THIRD: Ryan Babbitt, Abigale Benton, Ava Copeland, Aliyah Copeland, Sophia Gomez-Piedra, Lillian Goodwin, Maria Hernandez Rivero, Marybel Iturrio, Addison Leftwich, Hadley Lyman, Jaden Mariscal, Teresa Negrete, Carter Neumann, William Reynolds, Lalayna Richards, Cyrus Stockert, Rory Sweeney, Cyrus Sweets, Rylan Trombley, Brianna Trujillo, Brielle Vazquez, Madison Willess, Alison Wintermote


KINDERGARTEN: Wyatt Allen, Everly Baird, Mackenzie Griffin, Draeger Thoman, Halle Thoman

FIRST: Kinley Harnes, Dayton Kester, Deklund Morrill, Lylah Ryan

SECOND: Gentry Allen, Benjamin Folks, Garrison Mines, Cora Robinson, Colter Thomas

THIRD: Buckley Baker, Haylee Boodleman, Keelyn Brossard, Madison Cook, Ryker Edwards, Avry Johnson, Easton Macy, Eliana Ryan, Leif Summers, Kiera Weiss

FOURTH: Jace Kidd, Sage Madsen, Miley Thoman, Paige Neilson, Bailey Walsh, Laila King, Ashten Folks, Harley Jacobs, Brodie Brisko, Seamus Morrill

FIFTH: Brystoll Gines, Abby Hendricks, Madison Hodder, Bree Long, Tessa Ryan, McKenna Goicolea, Addison Eaton, Dustin Ryan, Paden Neilson, Kade Mertin, Cloie Lowry, Wade Thoman, Riley Franklin, Mark Weaver

SEVENTH: Kali Neese, Bailey Neilson, Savannah Simms

ART 1: Kyesha Call, Kyra Folks, Jacob Cook, Kirklin Hay, Cooper Jones, Kaison Macy, Randal Reddon, Griffin Romero, Rebecca Smith, Brandy Thoren, Keelie Thoren, Katie Weese, Jordan Christiansen,

ART 2: Cash Jones, Kresten Mines, Trevor Cowan, Harlie Smith, Connor Weese, Loy Madsen, Harlie Smith, Kanden Mines

ADVANCED ART: Nathan Hunter Brunkhardt, Korbyn Hay, Kalesy Robinson, Aubrey Bryan-Summers

The next schools to exhibit will be Pilot Butte Elementary School March 22 – April 2; and Eastside Elementary April 5-16. Rock Springs Junior High School’s exhibit is April 19-30 with a reception on April 20, followed by Rock Springs and Black Butte High Schools from May 4-21 with a reception on May 4.