Destination RKS: Flying for Love


Hi, my name is Karina Kachnowski and the Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport holds a special place in my heart.

The summer after I graduated high school, my family and I moved to Rock Springs from the South suburbs of Chicago.

I was excited to be closer to the family I have in Rock Springs and to attend the University of Wyoming in the fall. However, it broke my heart to leave behind my boyfriend of a year and a half at the time.

Despite being more than a thousand miles away, my boyfriend Matt and I have done everything we can to make a long-distance relationship easier. This of course, includes seeing each other as often as possible.

Since July of 2017, Matt has made 3 trips to Wyoming and I have made 1 trip back to Chicago. In March of 2018, Matt made his most recent trip to Wyoming. After reuniting at the Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport, our spring break adventures began.

Rock Springs was just the starting point for us. After enjoying a couple of days at home, we headed to Jackson Hole. This trip took our relationship to new heights, literally!

We relaxed at 10,000 feet and took advantage of the shopping and great eats.

After returning to Rock Springs for a couple of days, we decided to hit the road again and visit Salt Lake City.

Flying into Rock Springs gave us a great starting point to see so many beautiful sights that were only a day-trip away.

Once we were back in Rock Springs for the remainder of spring break, we took the opportunity to celebrate our 2-year anniversary. Even though it was actually January 30th and this celebration was a little belated, we were over the moon to be able to be together.

Despite being across the country, Matt and I look forward to many more flights to visit each other.

Flying from Rock Springs to Denver and then on to Chicago would give me the opportunity to see Matt and for us to have many more traveling adventures together.

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