Destination RKS: One Flight Closer to Forever


Hi my name is Christopher Shauinger and this is my travel story.

Friday the 13th of October, my girlfriend and I were scheduled to fly out of Denver International Airport (DIA) into Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport to visit her parents for my first time.

We were doing our best to get to DIA on time because we had to pick up some specialty foods for the dinner we were making her parents that night.

I was a little nervous, as I was going to ask my girlfriends father if I could have his blessing to ask his daughter for her hand in marriage. I was rushing to try and get to the airport on time.



Snapping selfie with the pilot.

We dropped the car off at the park-n-ride in Denver and missed our first train to the airport. I was full of apologies to my future wife and did my best to assure her that we wouldn’t miss the flight.

We finally got to the airport and after a long walk to the last gate made our way onto our SkyWest flight. The crew (ticket taker, baggage and stewardess) there reassured us that everything was fine with their comforting service.

The flight went perfectly. I was beginning to relax, as much as possible, seeing as I was about to ask a man that I had never met for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

The plane’s landing into the Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport was maybe the smoothest that I had experienced. The Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport welcomed me and I began to feel even more comforted.

As we de-boarded the plane, a girl in her bright vest and big smiled asked if we had baggage. I nodded yes and she smiled saying that they’d get it right away. She and another employee grabbed our luggage, gave us another smile, and welcomed us to the Southwest Wyoming Regional airport.

The friendly Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport staff.

As if things could get any better, the pilot peaked his head out of the airplane and waved to my girlfriend as if wishing me good luck. I waved back, noticing that he was having a stretch.

I grabbed my girlfriend and we ran up and asked the pilot if he’d take a “selfie” with us. I told him that his landing was the smoothest I had experienced. He smiled and took a quick selfie with us (above).

I was thinking that I hoped my meeting with my future father-in-law went that smooth.

First day of forever with my soon to be wife.

Flying into Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport was the most welcoming and smooth experience that I could ask for after we were running fast to get on the plane in Denver and I was about to take a big step that would affect the rest of my life.

The weekend was the best! My father-in-law granted me his blessing and I truly enjoyed the first visit with my soon-to-be parents-in-law.

I was sure that it was because of the warm Wyoming welcome that we received at the Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport.

I will be flying into the Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport in the future, if she says “yes.” I am very happy that the staff made the first day of the rest of my life a smooth one!

Thank you Wyoming! Thank you Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport!


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