Does Inflation Have You Worried?

Does Inflation Have You Worried?

When you think about your investments, are you worried about losing your assets at the push of a button?

What if you had a tangible asset – one that couldn’t be hacked or erased?

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About 40 years ago, high interest rates combined with inflation in a unique way, which raised the value of gold over 400% and silver 800%. With rising interest rates and inflation in today’s market, instead of feelling like you’re frozen in time – you can easily add precious metals to your portfolio to diversify your investments.

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Contrary to popular belief, gold consistently outperforms stocks and bonds in this type of market. While there’s no guarantee the U.S. economy will repeat the high interest rate and inflation pattern from the late 70’s and early 80’s… now more than ever, precious metals could become an important part of your portfolio.

Kirk’s Silver Sales has been in business since 1978 and can help you with your gold and silver purchases.

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