Earth Day Fair 2014 – learn fun new ways to Go Green


GREEN RIVERGreen River is celebrating Earth Day on Friday April 25th at the Island Pavilion from 1 – 7pm. Bring the whole family! You don’t have to be a tree-hugger to enjoy the Earth Day Fair. Visiting your local library instead of buying the book, planting a garden and canning your own vegetables, and lowering your power bill may be green principals but they are good ideas for your pocketbook too. Many people, organizations and businesses from your community will be there sharing information about everything form preserving and reusing historic buildings and promoting walkable communities and healthy lifestyles to earth friendly tips for your home and garden, cool crafts for the family and maintaining our Green Belt.

This year, green ideas come in many shapes and sizes so don’t miss the Thrift Store Fashion Show starting at 6pm. Hip, sporty, glamorous – you will see it all, but without the big price tags. The Brass Goggles art students are recycling – up! See an awesome exhibition of brand new works of art made from lots of old junk. Catch a sneak preview of the art at Taco Time.

Preservation is a value that is passed on from one generation to the next, and is unique to each family. Did your grandmother can her own jams and jellies? You can too; it’s a healthy inexpensive activity families can do together every step of the way – from picking the berries to putting up the preserves. Join us for a canning demonstration at 4pm.

Seeds contain potential and ideas are seeds for the future. The sustainable reading program knows that, and local participants will receive their seed strips at the fair. Happy planting! Local students will also be recognized as great stewards of the environment when they receive “Recycle Star” awards at 7pm.

The City of Green River’s Solid Waste Division is presenting this event with help from the URA/Main Street Agency and the Historic Preservation Commission. It’s FREE and everyone is invited! If you or your kids are interested in being a little greener but don’t know where to start at home, Earth Day Fair 2014 will have loads of fun ideas and tips that make it easy to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

We will be collecting batteries to recycle on the day of the fair so bring yours from home and drop them off with us! For a complete schedule visit or check out the City’s Facebook page.