Eastside and Pilot Butte Elementary Students’ Artwork Now on Display

Eastside and Pilot Butte Elementary Students’ Artwork Now on Display

Evan Berry, Pilot Butte 5th grade, Kandin Krueth, Eastside 5th grade, and Alexis Rogers, Eastside 6th grade, are showing their art in the exhibit.

ROCK SPRINGS — The fifth and sixth graders’ artwork from Eastside and Pilot Butte elementary schools are now on display at the Community Fine Arts Center through April 10.

“The artwork has strong graphics with fun and imagination,” said Debora Soule, CFAC director. “The mask-wearing self-portraits are whimsical and the mandala designs are colorful and detailed.”

The CFAC honors the talents of the local students by having art displays of the Sweetwater County School District No. 1 students’ artwork all spring. March is Youth Art Month across the country and recognizes the importance of art and arts education in school programs.

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Art, music, and the performing arts activities can help students develop life skills including self- expression, problem solving, creativity, individuality, and being able to see the beauty both in traditional art forms and the world around them.

The CFAC has been open over 54 years but the art collection started 82 years ago at the Rock Springs High School. Teacher Elmer Halseth encouraged his students as far back as the 1930s to raise money and he helped them to purchase art to hang in their classrooms. In 1966, he arranged for the expanded art collection to be on display for the public and the Community Fine Arts Center began to be an important feature of the town.

The fifth 2021 YAM exhibit includes artwork from 168 students. Art instructor Nanci Rollins teaches at both schools.

Eastside Elementary School

5th Grade:
JennaRose Aguda, Aurora Ainge, Rayann Allen, Kamryn Anderson, Parker Bates, Brynlee Blake, Sophia Bozner, Emma Burdette, Ava Burklow, Kinley Busenbark, Cash Butcher, Xzayviana Calderone, Ashley Carrera-Campos, Aaliyah Casillas, Adyn Coca, Laila Copenbarger, Lilyan Covolo, Eva Croff, Hayden Cutler, Olivia Goich, Raimee Gunyan, Zoe Harper, Grace Kerns, Baylen Kitteridge, Mercedes Krotzer, Kamdin Krueth, Amilya Lemon, CJ Long, Caroline Lowell, Aubree Michael, Payson Muniz, Isabella Nelson, Hailee Penrod, Brooklyn Potter, Hannah Redmond, Bobby Reece, Shalico Robinson, Fatima Sanchez, Chloe Senstock, Peyton Simpson, Alexis Trombley, Dayton Uhrig-Santillans, Neveah Vialpando, Guadalupe Villa

6th Grade: Alexia Alatorre, Jayde Anderson, Ashton Anderson, Lilly Bjork, Esabella Brierly, Emeree Brostoski, Jocelyn Campos, Kerra Colley, Allison Condie, Scarlett Cozzens, Sophie Crofts, Kieren Crosby, Chloee Dawson, Chloee Dusel, Audrey Eaton, Autumn Fadling, Quentin Farmer, Ethan Gerwatowski, Bileidy Godoy, Lexi Guerrero, Carmen Hernandez-Solis, Ashley Herrera-Campos, Imogen Kaptain, Joseph Lindsay, Hailee Michael, Karla Moreno, Ava Nicholas, Emily Nieto, Cambri Pederson, Lilly Plew, Soraya Portillo, Hezekiah Purvis, Alexis Rogers, Natalia Santamaria, Chance Stephens, Javin Toth, Joel Wilkinson

Pilot Butte Elementary School

5th Grade: Peyton Anderson, Kennedi Basso, Levi Belnap, Evan Berry, Brayton Boylen, Jackson Buss, Emma Calvey, Andi Christensen, Zoey Conner, Reagan Cordova, Ava Doerr, Daniela Dominguez, Ellison Doyle, Hannah Duran, Marlo Gallarza-Delgadillo, Adam Hall, Berlynn Harris, Nellie Jarvie, Echo Knezovich, Ainsley Madsen, Zoey Marincic, Isabella Martinez, Isabella Martinez, Aspen McConnell, Chevelle McMurray, Leonor Moreno, Caleigh Morley, Mia Parra, Karlee Penland, Dylan Powell, Madeleine Roberts, Antony Ruiz Mikula, Emily Schaefer, Ellee Schurman, Aspen Seppie, Macey Smith, Jace Stott, Abbi Stott, Ashley Vargas-Velica, Kinsley Weinreich, Kaitlyne Willey, Reagan Williams, Ella Wilson

6th Grade: Gabriela Aaron, Emery Anderson, Tarin Anderson, Bella Bear, Owen Berry, Lillian Bridewell, William Carlson, Monique Carney-Knoefler, Paige Castillon, Sunny Conder, Davian Cummins, Grace Gatti, Mireya Godina-Alvarado, Joshua Harris, Braelyn Harris, Brooklynn Hartley, Angel Hettinger, Katie Homan, Aydin Hood, Adyson Huffman, Ezra Jensen, Tahlia Knudsen, Olivia Kronfuss, Alysson Lopez, Lucas Merrit, Justin Millemon, Kaycie Muniz, Camryn Nelson-Pederson, Max Phillips, Rylin Plant, Royce Reeves, Salvador Rivas, Payton Robbins, Daniela Salazar, Adalyne Schweitzer, Breslynn Shelley, ] Morgan Stafford, Isabella Stein, MaryLynn Stewart, Alex Vega, Yuliza Vicencio-Delgadillo, Kade Wells, Alice Whitfield, Shieley Zancanella

Rock Springs Junior High School art students will display their work April 13 – 24 with a reception on Wednesday, April 14. Both Rock Springs and Black Butte high schools will hang their work next, with the exhibit opening April 28 through May 18, with a reception Wednesday, April 28.

Friends and family of the students, and the public, are encouraged to visit the CFAC to see the students’ exhibit as well as the permanent art collection owned by Sweetwater County School District No. 1. CFAC hours are Monday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from noon to 4 p.m.