Election 2014 Official Results Are In

Election 2014 Official Results Are In

Election 2014 Official Results Are In
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Travel and Tourism

For the Lodging Tax – 77.87%

Against the Lodging Tax – 22.13%



Carl Demshar won the Mayor’s Race.

Jason Armstrong has won Ward 1.

Rose Moseby has won reelection in Ward 4.

David Halter has won Ward 3

Tim Savage has won Ward 2


Daniel Erramouspe has won Sweetwater County Attorney’s Office.

Doc Wendling and Neil Kourbelas have won Sweetwater County School District #1 

John Malone, Ann M. Rudoff and Robin Steiss have won Sweetwater County School District #2

Robb Slaughter has won the County Treasurer

Pat Drinkle has won the County Assessor

Dale Davis has won the County Clerk

DonnaLee Bobak has won Clerk of District Court

Dale Majhonovich has won the County Coroners Office

Mike Lowell has won the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office

John Kolb, Doc Wendling and Reid West have won the Sweetwater County Commissioners Seats.


Judge Jones retained 78.26% to 21.74%

Judge Zebre retained 78.26% to 21.74%

Judge John R. Prokos retained 77.09% to 22.01%

Judge Nena James retained 61.94% to 38.06%

Judge Richard Lavery retained 79.56% to 20.44%

Judge Michael K. Davis retained 78.15% to 21.85%

Justice E James Burke retained 77.95% to 22.05%


Robb Phipps won the Wamustter Mayor’s race

Dustin Davis and Joseph Erickson have Town Council Seats


Sandy Allen has won the Mayor’s Race.

June Nichols, Shana L. Dunivin and Sherry Brantley won Granger Town Council Seats.

Green River

Pete Rust has won Green River Mayor

Ted Barney has won Ward 2

Alan Wilson has won Ward 1

Gary Killpack has won Ward 3


John Freeman has won House Seat District 60

JoAnn Dayton has won House District 17

Jillian Balow has won Superintendent of Public Instruction

Mike Enzi has won the U.S. Senate Seat

Matt Mead has Won the Governor’s Office

Mark Baker has won House Seat 48


Thomas E Spicer and George Allan Eckman won Western Wyoming Community College Trustees