Events Complex to Get Standby Generator to Deal with Catastrophes

Events Complex to Get Standby Generator to Deal with Catastrophes

ROCK SPRINGS — The Sweetwater Events Complex will be getting a new standby generator, which will help with the facility’s role as an emergency shelter.

Sweetwater Events Complex Executive Director Larry Lloyd and Events Complex Maintenance Coordinator Drew Dunn took the Sweetwater Fair Board on a tour of the facilities at the Exhibit Hall where the new standby generator will be housed.

“It will be a 250 kVA generator,” Dunn explained. “The generator will be capable of operating all of the lights and operations of the Exhibit Hall” and its immediate environs if there is an area-wide power outage.

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The Indoor Arena will not be included in the area which the new generator will be responsible for, but Dunn said that hopefully a smaller generator will be installed for the Indoor Arena which would be capable of turning on some of the lights there.

The purpose of the generator will be to enable the Events Complex to continue functioning if there is a major local catastrophe such as a terrorist attack, Lloyd told the board.

The facility would serve as an emergency shelter, with capability of handling casualties.

Any injured needing a medical shot of some kind would likely be serviced at the Indoor Arena.

There would also be a smaller shelter for animals, Lloyd added, including family dogs and cats.

The new generator is expected to be installed by mid-March and functioning by the end of April, Dunn said.

The generator will require gutting of some of the rooms near the entrance to the Exhibit Hall.

“If something happens, this building will be lit up and available for use,” Lloyd said.