Face Coverings Could be Required Within County Buildings

Face Coverings Could be Required Within County Buildings

SWEETWATER COUNTY — In response to the recent increase in positive COVD-19 Coronavirus cases in Sweetwater County, the Sweetwater County Commissioners will consider a resolution requiring face coverings in all county facilities.

Due to COVID-19 Coronavirus recommendations, the commissioner’s video conference meeting on July 7, at 8:30 am, will not be accessible at the County Courthouse.

The public is invited to watch the meeting on the Sweetwater County YouTube channel.

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The public can comment immediately following the public hearing presentation at about 8:30 am, and during the public comment section of the agenda at about 8:45 am by calling 307-872-3891, or by sending comments ahead of time via email to: publiccomments@sweet.wy.us. The public hearing is on a health insurance fund budget amendment.

In order to keep facilities open while also ensuring the safety of staff and patrons, the commissioners will consider requiring the use of face coverings while inside all county facilities. The requirement would be subject to the following:

  1. All public coming into a county building will have and wear a face covering while in the building.
  2. All county personnel will have and wear a face covering while in county buildings, unless they are in their office or another area isolated from other county personnel and public.
  3. County personnel traveling throughout the county in the performance of their duties shall have and wear a face covering any time they are in contact with the public or other employees.

In other business, the commissioners will consider approving a memorandum of understanding with the cities of Rock Springs and Green River for the Ciner Unit 8 Capacity Expansion Project for impact assistance funds. If approved, the county is estimated to receive $1.76 million over two years. The City of Rock Springs is estimated to receive $652,926, and the City of Green River is estimated to receive $338,883.

The commissioners will also hear an update from Eric Bingham, County Land Use Director, on the Sweetwater Economic Development Coalition and the Land Use Department.

Also on the agenda are resolutions for hiring and salary freezes for Fiscal Year 2021.

To view the full agenda packet, click here.