Fairbourne Murder Trial Concludes In Life Without Possibility Of Parole


SWEETWATER COUNTY — Today, Bradley Ross Fairbourne was sentenced to two life sentences without the possibility of parole.

Earlier this year, Fairbourne was adjudged guilty by a jury, in the early morning murder of 29-year-old Naisha Rae Story and the attempted murder of Linda Mara Natlia Arce which allegedly occurred on June 23, 2016, at the Quality Inn in Rock Springs.

Fairbourne has maintained his innocence throughout the trial.

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Physical evidence, cell phone records, witness testimony, and other evidence ties him to the crime. 

Perhaps the most damning evidence if the disputed DNA evidence is set aside for the sake of argument, was the recovery of the victim’s cell phone in Fairbourne’s pocket only minutes after the crime occurred.

The murder weapon was recovered from the roof of a nearby building.

According to police and witness testimony, police located Fairbourne near the scene of the crime. Fairbourne had been beaten down by Christopher Crayton, the 6’5″ boyfriend of Linda Mara Natlia Arce.

The victims solicited men through the use of backpage.com. And had other previous scrapes with the law related to allegations of prostitution. Their boyfriends were staying in a nearby motel, presumably to provide some security for the women.

The defense brought in an expert witness to testify about DNA forensics in general and the Wyoming State Crime Lab’s process in particular. The expert raised concerns about the RSPD’s forensic hygiene in relation to ultra-sensitive modern DNA testing and perceived issues with the State Crime Lab’s process.

DNA testing results indicate that Fairbourn’s pants tested positive for blood containing a mixture of Naisha Rae Story’s blood as the primary source, the defendant’s blood, and another person’s blood.

The handle of a knife recovered near the scene tested positive for Fairbourn’s DNA along with victim Linda Mara Natlia Arce’s DNA and one other person’s DNA. The blade tested positive for the blood and the DNA of both victims.

Fairbourn’s shirt tested positive for blood which was found to be solely his own.