Farmer’s Almanac Forecasts a Cold SNOWY Wyoming Winter


According to an article on the Farmer’s Almanac has predicted that Wyoming will have a snow-filled winter with colder-than-usual temperatures.

As the icing on the cake (frosting, if you will), the Almanac also says we can expect the onset to be earlier than usual as well. 😬


If you don’t like the weather in Wyoming, wait 10 minutes.

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A little moisture is always nice, but if we don’t have a lasting snowpocalypse this year, I think I’d be just fine with that.

Even so, winter sports enthusiasts may have the winter of their dreams just around the corner.

According to an article by the Herald Courier, The Farmer’s Almanac claims an 80% accuracy rate since its founding in 1818.

Here’s hoping that it’s a little more than 20% off this year. 😉