Flack Friday: A Brotherhood, Finding Happiness and Being Grateful

Flack Friday: A Brotherhood,  Finding Happiness and Being Grateful

WWCC Photo.

Today the Western Wyoming Community College Mustangs begins competition for the 2019 NJCAA Wrestling Championship title in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Last week I spoke with head coach Art Castillo, who was confident, upbeat and eager to see what he and his team could accomplish at the tournament.

From what I have seen, the individual wrestlers also carry that same confidence and eager attitude as their coach. While I am no expert when it comes to wrestling, there’s one statement that Castillo made to me about the team that caught my ear:

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“One advantage we do have is that we are a brotherhood. These guys are going to lean on each other. I think that’s an equalizer, an advantage,” Castillo said.

The Mustangs won’t be relying on individual talent to win, but rather, each other. Many teams this weekend will have talented wrestlers, but do they have a brotherhood? That advantage has carried Western throughout the season and I suspect it will do the same in the tournament this weekend.

Finding Joy

Yesterday, one of my all-time favorite tight ends, Jason Witten, announced that after one year of retirement he would be returning to the Dallas Cowboys next year.

I fully support Witten’s endeavors to play his 16th season for the Cowboys. In fact, I have no issue with players coming back to play out of retirement. Look at what Brett Favre did when he came out of retirement. Dallas has a solid team in which Witten can refill the gap he left at the tight end position.

According to an article on NFL.com, Witten said, “The fire inside of me to compete and play this game is just burning too strong.”

But beyond the X’s and O’s, the fact remains that each of us should do what brings us joy. Life is too short. That’s exactly what Witten represents and is doing.

I can attest that if you don’t do what makes you truly happy in life, regret and despair will follow. Find that “fire” inside of you and ignite your happiness.

You do you, Jason.

Be Grateful

I’ve talked about complacency before in my Flack Friday columns, but Wednesday night’s game winning shot by Dwayne Wade was another reminder about how complacency leads can cloud our ability to appreciate.

After seeing that incredible shot by the legendary All-Star point guard, many memories of his career along with that of Dirk Nowitzki’s humbled me. This is supposedly the last season that we will see either player.

If you missed that shot, I’d recommend checking it out. It will brighten your day. Wade’s shot to win the game at the buzzer of the Golden State Warriors wasn’t just a shot, it was a statement.

New replaces old, flashy drives out the stagnant and talent usually trumps experience. While this is a part of life, Wade and Nowitzki have had a tremendous impact on the NBA that can’t be ignored.

It seems to me that we are going through this phase in the NFL and NBA. We are transitioning from all-time greats to a younger, talented core. The process isn’t easy, but it sure does remind you of the past and the exciting times to come.

So, before you forget about Wade, be grateful.

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