Flack Friday: A Wish Come True

Flack Friday: A Wish Come True

Make-A-Wish week is always a reflective experience for me. It’s a week of remembering what’s most important in life and reviewing my priorities. As the events occur throughout the week, I often find myself counting my blessings for what I do have and appreciating those around me more fully.

That’s the beauty of Make-A-Wish week for me.

Thursday night’s basketball games between Rock Springs High School and Green River High School were competitive. When I cover a game, I like to observe and learn what I can about the teams that are playing.

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Last night it was easy to see that there were two girl’s teams that could easily compete for a regional title next week and two boy’s teams that have found their identity late in the season.

However, until last night’s games, I didn’t fully grasp the details that these teams pay attention to during the Make-A-Wish games. From blue and white jerseys to a coaches tie color, these teams were united in a refreshing cause that impacts so many lives in our great state. I’ve noted the jerseys before, but for a team to actually go out and purchase jerseys for one specific game a year is a detail I never gave much thought to. That’s quite remarkable when you consider high school budgets.

As much as they were against each other on the court, they were symbolically together in many different ways.

No matter the talent level or age, athletes carry with them an influence on others, especially the youth. To see high school athletes in our county show effort and support for those who are often forgotten in the shadows of society was inspiring and meaningful last night.

Wishes came true last night, and it’s because of the generosity of Sweetwater County.

State Wrestling

The 4A state wrestling tournament began this morning in Casper. From my perspective, there will be a handful of state champions out of Sweetwater County this weekend.

Will Green River return home as state champions? Can Rock Springs bring home some hardware?

Green River has wrestled consistently throughout the season and have a strong case for a championship this season. Rock Springs also has and athletic roster that could turn a few heads at the tournament this weekend.

The results will tell the story. As I keep tabs on the tournament, check back with us here on the website for full results from the state championships.

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