Flack Friday: Dynasties, Dysfunctional Cleveland and WWCC Soccer

Flack Friday: Dynasties, Dysfunctional Cleveland and WWCC Soccer

Photo Credit: Keith Allison https://www.flickr.com/photos/keithallison/33054287721

This week I have done some soul searching.

Have you ever looked back in life and realized that you overlooked a relationship or possibly hated a job in the moment but after thinking about it you recognized how great it was?

That’s me with the Golden State Warriors.

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Are we taking the Warriors for credit? I have come to the conclusion that we are, and maybe that’s our general nature. We do this with relationships all the time. However, I’m here to give everyone, including myself, a wakeup call.

This week we witnessed Klay Thompson break Steph Curry’s single game three-point record with 14 of his own. He had 10 in the first half. Isn’t that crazy? Curry even told Thompson to go for the record.

Oh, and don’t forget Curry is putting on a show of his own. Curry has 55 three-pointers in nine games as of this column. That’s more than the entirety of the Oklahoma City Thunder as a team who have 49. It should also be pointed out that the Cleveland Cavaliers only have one more as a team with 56. Curry is playing out of his mind.

Keep in mind that both of these guys were drafted by the Warriors and they didn’t trade or buy them. This is a dynasty that for the most part has been put together the “right way.”

I’ve decided that now is the time to appreciate what the Warriors have accomplished and enjoy the present rather than regret their greatness later. It’s a ridiculous idea to do anything less than glorify what this dynasty has done.

The Warriors aren’t the only team that we do this with. I know there are Tom Brady haters out there. Stop hating and recognize how great that New England Patriots team is. The fact that their dynasty is still going strong is just absurd and unusual.

Don’t settle for mediocrity when you can have so much more. It’s right in front of you. You can thank me later.

Cleveland Doing Cleveland Things

Now that I’m off my soapbox, here’s something that we can all agree on: Cleveland is still the laughing stock of the NFL.

Earlier this week the Cleveland Browns fired head coach Hue Jackson and offensive coordinator Todd Haley. Apparently there was too much contention between the two and the Browns decided that the team is better off without both of them instead of keeping one of them.

If you watched HBO’s Hard Knocks: Training Camp With the Cleveland Browns, you more than likely saw that there was contention between Jackson and Haley before the start of the season.

Once again, Cleveland is showing off how unstable the front office can be. Recall that the Browns had only won a single football game in two years with Jackson as head coach. They turned the other cheek time after time. After two wins and a tie this season, they decide to fire Jackson and then ousted Haley who one of the smartest coordinators in the league.

The Browns claimed that the move was purely to protect Baker Mayfield from being tainted by contention. I disagree. The Browns just changed the chemistry between coach and player with Mayfield which is a risky move — especially in a rookie year.

It appears to me that the Browns are back to being the Browns. It was a fun eight weeks, Cleveland.

WWCC Women’s Soccer

The Western Wyoming Community College Women’s Soccer team is traveling to Iowa for district play — the first time in school history.

Four years ago Jeff Atkinson took over as head coach when the program was in rough shape. Last week Atkinson led his team to win the Region IX tournament in Denver, Colorado. It’s certainly been a special year for the Mustangs.

Today they play Iowa Western in district play with a chance to move on to the national tournament. Iowa Western has won 13 games straight and comes in as the favorite against the Mustangs. However, the Mustangs have proven to upset perfect endings and could very well do so this afternoon at 2:00 p.m.

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