Flack Friday: Great Minds Don’t Think Alike and High School Basketball Action


Often I hear the phrase, “great minds think alike.” Cliché, yes, and maybe a bit overused.

As I sat through one of my college classes this week, I came to a realization that this statement couldn’t be more wrong. The truth is, great minds don’t think alike, they think different. Thinking alike is stagnant and average. Great minds are different and unique.

This proves to be true in the sports world. The greatest players and coaches don’t become great because they are alike. They are great because they are different.

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Interestingly enough there are four “great minds” this weekend who will compete for a chance at the Lombardi trophy this weekend. Each stands out as different in their own respective ways. Tom Brady’s pre-snap reads, Brees’ arm and accuracy, Patrick Mahomes’ athleticism and Sean McVay’s playcalling all come together this weekend. We truly have the greats among us.

With that said, my favorites from the elite group this week are the New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints. I know last week I had favored the Kansas City Chiefs as Super Bowl favorites, but new information has led me to change my mind.

The weather for the Chiefs/Patriots game is expected to be cold with a wind chill lowering the temperature into the low teens. The only thing more scary than the cold forecast is the fact that Brady has only lost one game in his career when the weather is under 20 degrees.

I may have dropped my statistics class earlier this week, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to favor those odds of Brady in cold weather. For the Patirots you could say it’s the perfect storm.

Despite the Los Angeles Rams’ impressive roster on paper, the Saints have proved time after time this season that they have what it takes to beat teams late in games. Brees and Michael Thomas seem to have a chemistry that no other team can match. Also, I’m not a fan of Jared Goff on the road in the Superdome. Give me the Saints.

Don’t forget that being different is the gateway to success. Be you. Don’t think alike. Thinking alike didn’t help any of these players or coaches get into the positions they are in this weekend.

High School Basketball Action

There’s quite a bit of high school basketball action taking place in our community this weekend. Here’s a brief review of what’s going on.

Rock Springs Tigers

The Lady Tigers are an impressive 7-3 on the season. Rock Springs’ Brenli Jenkins has been fun to watch this season as her athleticism displays itself in every game. They take on a struggling Riverton team and Cody at home this weekend. The boys team has been off to a slow start with a 3-7 record. However, the Tigers will have a good chance to improve the record this weekend as they also play both Riverton and Cody who each have two wins on the season.

Green River Wolves

Green River has been consistent across both the boys and girls programs. The Lady Wolves currently sit at 6-5 while the boys are 6-4 on the season. This weekend the Wolves will be at home on Saturday against Jackson Hole. Both of the boys teams share the same record which should make for a great game. As for the Lady Wolves, the 2-9 Lady Broncs will challenge Green River to improve to 7-5.

Farson-Eden Pronghorns

Much like their football program, the Pronghorns’ boys team is 11-1 on the season. The hot start to the season has ranked the Pronghorns second in 1A basketball. This weekend the Pronghorns will take on Saratoga and first ranked Encampment. The game against Encampment should be an accurate way to measure the team.

The girls team has equally found just as much success as the boys with an 11-3 record. After going 2-0 last week, the third ranked Lady Pronghorns will also seek another two wins against Saratoga and Encampment.

A Friendly Reminder

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