Forensic Testimony Heard In Fairbourn Trial

Markers show the blood trail that marked Linda Mara Natlia Arce path on the night of the on morning of June 23, 2016, at the Quality Inn in Rock Springs.

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The prosecution witness phase continued on Monday during the murder trial of Bradley Ross Fairbourn.

Fairbourn is accused of murdering 29-year-old Naisha Rae Story and the attempted murder of Linda Mara Natlia Arce on June 23, 2016, at the Quality Inn in Rock Springs.

Today first responders testified about the actions they undertook to meet standards of investigation outlined in their agency’s policies and procedures. Along with the defendant’s unsettled disposition the morning of the murder.

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Detectives testified about spotting, documenting and collecting the knife, believed to be the murder weapon, and a matching scabbard on the roof of the nearby Smyth Printing building. The knife tested positive for the victims’ DNA along with Fairbourn’s DNA.

The Rock Springs Fire Department provided laddering services during the investigation.

The defense questioned the prosecution witnesses about their actions in regards to forensic hygiene during the collection of evidence. Several investigators conceded that they probably did not change gloves as often as defense expert witness Dr. Greg Hampikian would like.

Cell phone text messages were read to the jury. The messages between Fairbourn and the victim’s phone set up a timeline of the rendezvous. Fairbourn answered a ad for the women’s services offering body rubs.

Cell phone records verify the timeline presented by the prosecution, in regards to phone calls between Arce and her boyfriend Christopher Crayton who drove from the nearby ‘My Place’ Hotel when Arce contacted him after Fairbourn allegedly attacked the two women in their hotel room after arriving with no money and saying he would return after going by an ATM.

Crayton and Story’s boyfriend Joseph Paul Lovato were at a nearby hotel while the two women were working at the Quality Inn providing body rubs with happy endings and nudity for the right price.

Prosecution expert witness Commander Clark Robinson testified about blood splatter and patterns present in the room supporting a knife attack scenario.

Robinson said that the attack could have taken as little as eight-to-ten seconds.

Defense Attorney Rob Oldham questioned Robinson’s academic credentials but conceded that he would take the witnesses at his word and the court recognized Robinson as an expert witness.

Robinson has testified in numerous cases as an expert witness. He is the head of the Investigations Division of the Rock Springs Police Department.

Oldham asked Robinson to share his opinion about an alleged ‘knife outline’ that initially responding officers reference in body cam video.

Robinson said that he believes the bloody pattern is actually a print smear.

He said the pattern of an actual knife would be different, “you wouldn’t see the outline.”

The defense previously questioned witnesses who knew her about a knife that Story allegedly kept in her purse.

Oldham at one point asked Robinson if his client could have attacked the two women without being covered in their blood.

Robinson said that blood must first saturate clothing and the body before it can create true cast off projections in the environment.

Oldham asked Robinson if there was any evidence who did this, Robinson responded that there are witnesses statements, DNA, blood evidence and more.

Oldham took the opinioned statement to attack the investigator’s for potential tunnel vision focussing on his client.

Oldham pressed Robinson on a detail of his report. Robinson admitted to mistakenly reporting the knife and sheath were found on the JFC Building.

More prosecution testimony is set for tomorrow.