Former Poke’s “Hip-Drop” Tackle Indicated as Still Legal

Former Poke’s “Hip-Drop” Tackle Indicated as Still Legal

Mark Andrews #89 of the Baltimore Ravens being tackled by Logan Wilson #55 of the Cincinnati Bengals. Patrick Smith Getty Images

CINCINNATI – NFL clubs unanimously voted to remove the hip-drop tackle from the game in preparation for the 2024 season and former Poke, Logan Wilson has received a lot of unnecessary backlash.

This specific tackle technique, in which a defender wraps up a ball carrier and rotates or swivels their hips, unweighting themselves and dropping onto the ball carrier’s legs during the tackle, has been deemed too risky for player safety.

The decision follows an analysis of more than 20,000 tackles conducted by the NFL over the past two seasons. The league found that this technique resulted in lower extremity injuries at a rate 20 times higher than other tackles, prompting concerns about player health and safety.

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Moving forward, a hip-drop tackle will incur a 15-yard penalty and an automatic first-down. The penalty will be enforced if a player uses the following technique to bring a runner to the ground:

  • Grabs the runner with both hands or wraps the runner with both arms and
  • Unweights themselves by swiveling and dropping their hips and/or lower body, landing on and trapping the runner’s leg(s) at or below the knee.

Former Wyoming Cowboy and Casper native, Logan Wilson, has been at the forefront of this controversy after he attempted a “hip drop” tackle on Baltimore Ravens tight end Mark Andrews, which resulted in an injury that sidelined Andrews for a majority of the season.

Wilson responded to the criticism he faced after the game.

“I honestly wasn’t even sure what a hip-drop tackle was prior to that being brought to my attention after the game,” Wilson said, via video from Caleb Noe of WCPO. “Obviously, I guess, it’s something they’re looking at doing, but it’s hard in the position when you’re trying to come from behind and trying just to find a way to bring him down. It’s not like Mark Andrews is a small human. You’re just trying to find a way to bring the guy down, and unfortunately, that’s what happened. I’d never wish it upon him. Whatever they decide to do with the hip-drop tackle going forward, we’ll have to adjust, but it would make it a lot harder if that’s what they decide to do.”

Here is a video of Wilson’s tackle on Andrews.

Many people online have ripped into Wilson for this tackle but the NFL has come to his defense and has indicated that his tackle on Andrews under the new rule would still be legal. When using video examples of what tackles would have been flagged under the new rules, the NFL didn’t use Wilson’s and instead used videos of two of his teammates being hip-dropped in 2022 which resulted in injuries on both Drew Sample and Tyler Boyd.

When asked about the tackle on Andrews from Wilson, competition committee chairman Rich McKay indicated that it would still be a legal tackle.

“(That play) isn’t on the video.”