Fraternal Order of Police Endorses John Grossnickle for Sweetwater County Sheriff

Fraternal Order of Police Endorses John Grossnickle for Sweetwater County Sheriff

The Wyoming Fraternal Order of Police Green River Lodge No. 2 has announced its endorsed the reelection campaign of Sweetwater County Sheriff John Grossnickle in the 2022 election.

FOP Lodge President Matthew Wharton issued the following endorsement this week:

The Fraternal Order of Police, Green River Lodge #2, takes great honor in endorsing John Grossnickle in his re-election for Sweetwater County Sheriff. 

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As an organization, we felt it was important to provide an opportunity for each candidate to have their voice heard, to allow everyone to hear for themselves what each had to say, and then to put the decision as to which candidate our group should support up for a vote among all of our members.

Sheriff Grossnickle has earned the support of our membership through that process, and we’re proud to officially endorse him in his bid for reelection as our Sweetwater County Sheriff.

The FOP, Lodge #2 is comprised of over 70 Law Enforcement Officers of the Green River Police Department, Rock Springs Police Department, Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office, Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation and Wyoming Highway Patrol. 

The office of Sweetwater County Sheriff is an important one, and we have confidence in his ability to continue to be a great sheriff. We look forward to continue working with Sheriff Grossnickle. 

He has proven himself as a strong leader through his experience as the Sweetwater County Sheriff. 

There is no doubt that John Grossnickle will put the best interests of Law Enforcement and the people Sweetwater County first. The FOP Lodge #2 believes he is the best candidate for Sweetwater County Sheriff. 

Matthew Wharton,
President FOP,
Green River Lodge #2 

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