Future of retired RSFD fire truck still on the table

Future of retired RSFD fire truck still on the table

Sweetwater County Commissioner John Kolb spoke at the Rock Springs City Council Meeting on Tuesday. Kolb was requesting that options be considered to send the truck to a department in Sweetwater County.

ROCK SPRINGS – After battling on the front lines for Rock Springs residents, the lonely 1982 American LaFrance Fire Truck continues to wait to see where its new home will be.

There is a request to send the truck to Murphy Reynolds Wilson Fire District in Idaho for the amount of $100 but, at the last meeting, Commissioner John Kolb asked that the request be tabled to look at other options.

On Tuesday night, Kolb was back in front of the Rock Springs City Council asking that the truck remain on the table. He informed the governing body that Bairoil still does not know what they are going to do about their fire truck which recently froze.

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Kolb also said he received a request from Superior about the truck as well as a request from Manilla, Utah, which patrols a portion of Sweetwater County.

Rock Springs Mayor Carl Demshar explained the council’s plan was to leave it on the table because, at the last meeting, Kolb said it would take about four weeks to find out if Bairoil could use the truck. He did request that when Kolb received any definitive information, he let the city know as soon as possible.

With the bid of a $100 on the table from Idaho, Kolb asked if they would have to go out to bid if other entities were interested. Rock Springs City Attorney Vince Crow said if there were more than one interested party they would have to go to the bid process.

Speaking as a single commissioner, Kolb asked if the county could actually purchase the fire truck if his co-commissioners were in favor of this. Crow said that would be possible.

Councilman Rob Zotti was still very concerned that if the city were to go to bid on this, someone might bid on the truck with the idea of scrapping it for parts.

The council voted unanimously to leave the fire truck on the table.