Gas up the Tank and go Find Some Ghouls: A Haunted Wyo Road Trip

Views has charted a list of Wyoming ghost towns (2 right here in Sweetwater County!) that fully incorporate the dual meaning of the term.

October 1st is a week away, so here’s a (literal) map that’ll help make sure you have a Haunted Halloween.

Stop 1

Kane, WY: Kane is home to a cemetery that is haunted by a “Blue Lady” whose children are rumored to have drown when the Big Horn Lake flooded the area. There she remains, searching for her children and scaring the pants off those who dare to visit.

Stop 2

Kirwin, WY: Kirwin is an abandoned mining town that is rumored to be riddled with paranormal activity. Researches and investigators alike have bravely traveled to monitor this sleepy ghost town.

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Stop 3

Gebo, WY: Gebo is an abandoned coal town. Reports of crying, noisy spirits and a general feeling of distress all add up to a trip that isn’t for the faint of heart.

Stop 4

Atlantic City, WY: Formerly a booming mining town, Atlantic City is said to host a slew of ghostly figures and inexplicable apparitions.

Stop 5

South Pass City, WY: South Pass City was originally established as a mining town. Now abandoned and in vicinity of the Oregon Trail, the town is said to have an atmosphere of unease caused by agitated spirits.

Stop 6

Winton, WY: Chances are if you live in Sweetwater County, you’ve heard tell of this abandoned town. Featured on the popular TV show “Ghost Hunters”, Winton’s atmosphere and dilapidated structures are said to carry a palpable paranormal energy.

Stop 7

Point of Rocks, WY: If you’re looking for a ghostly experience in Point of Rocks, your best bet is to make a trip at night. With claims of a stagecoach murder and repeated Native American attacks, there’s no telling what kind of supernatural activity you might encounter.

Safe Travels!