GHSC Makes Improvements to Front Lobby

GHSC Makes Improvements to Front Lobby

GREEN RIVER– The Green River Chamber of Commerce and Golden Hour Senior Center hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony today for the center’s newly renovated lobby.

Renovations started around October 2018, and include changing and moving the front desk, relocating the information area, and repainting the lobby.

The information area used to be located right to the left of the entrance as people entered the center, but there was also information scattered throughout the lobby. By moving the information area towards the end of the lobby, they have allowed traffic to flow better through the lobby, as well as ensure that all of the information is in a centralized location.

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“If someone wants to come in and look for information without asking a staff member, it’s all in one place now,” Irish Kreis, GHSC Activities/Marketing Coordinator said.

The front desk was moved so that it is easily accessible and easily seen to people as they walk into the center.

“We wanted to streamline it and consolidate, so that way we could highlight some of our features like our memory wall. The memory wall is a great way for members of the community to pay tribute to someone who has passed, whether they were a member here or not,” Kreis said.

The walls used to be “kind of an ugly yellow color,” Kreis said, and the memory wall used to get lost against the wall. By changing the paint color, they have been able to make the lobby more inviting, more aesthetically pleasing, and highlight the memory wall.

They also added a couch to the lobby to make it “homey and comfortable.”

“The changes haven’t been too drastic, but I think it’s really made an impact on the way traffic flows to the front area and people have been enjoying it,” Kreis said.

Community Quilts on Display

GHSC has also started displaying quilts made by members of the community in the lobby where the information area used to be.

“We’ll be featuring quilts made by the community, so people can come and bring us a quilt that has a story, and we’ll to leave them up for about three months and then return them to the creators. It’s just a way to display some of the history of our seniors, and the history of our community and our center,” Kreis said.

Next Up

Now that the lobby renovation is complete, GHSC will be focusing their efforts on the technology area in their library.

Throughout the summer, GHSC will be fundraising for computers, laptops, tablets, printers, and shredders. Fundraising efforts will last through September.