Gordon Vetoes Bill to Raise Legislators Per Diem Rate

Gordon Vetoes Bill to Raise Legislators Per Diem Rate

Photo courtesy of WyoFile.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Governor Mark Gordon said no to a bill that proposed a per diem raise to state legislators today.

HB038 proposed a daily increase to legislators compensation from $109 to $149. But Gordon did not like some of the provisions the bill, including the reduction of compensation for legislators who live within 25 miles of the state capital building.

“House Bill 38 is in my estimation flawed,” Gordon said after vetoing the bill. “It seeks to raise the per diem rate for legislative duty in general, and then reduces that compensation by half during a legislative session for those serving within a 25-mile radius of the Wyoming capitol building.”

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“As such the bill seems solely prejudiced against legislators living within a 25-mile radius of the State capitol,” he added. “I am, therefore, vetoing House Bill 38. In doing so I again commend the legislature for their consideration of this topic and recommend reconsideration in the intervening year.

Gordon said in a letter responding to House Speaker Steve Harshman (HD37-Natrona) that if such a bill is eventually passed, the Legislature might consider implementing such changes at the beginning rather in the middle of a legislator’s term of office, “thus providing predictability for those weighing whether or not to run for office.”

The text of the letter follows. Click here see the signed letter.