Governor Gordon Keeps Overnight Camping Closed

Governor Gordon Keeps Overnight Camping Closed

CHEYENNE– Governor Mark Gordon said in his COVID-19 Coronavirus press conference on Tuesday that outdoor, overnight camping will remain closed for now, though they expect more advise on this issue to come later this week.

“We’re a large state, we are partnered on the north by Montana, on the west by Idaho and Utah, on the south by Utah and Colorado, on the east by Nebraska and South Dakota, and each of the relationships we have with those states is different,” Governor Gordon said.

He said they have to figure out how to open up overnight camping without causing several people from bordering state to flood Wyoming, resulting in increased risk of COVID-19 spread.

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“We want to make sure that by lifting these orders too quickly we don’t end up with a tremendous hoard of people form Colorado, where things are still closed, wanting to come up and find another place,” he said.

However, Governor Gordon said they are focusing on figuring out how and when to open overnight camping. He said he is “anxious” to open it up, and they are “pushing that effort” every day.

“We do encourage people, and people have been getting outdoors. We’d like to see more of that,” Governor Gordon said.